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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the information in Dying To Look Good or DyingToLookGood.com?   

Do you need help getting the harmful chemicals out of your life?

Do you have health issues that you wonder if they may be related to chemicals in your cosmetics and personal care products?

Do you have children that you're concerned may be being harmed by their toiletries and personal care products?

Would you like personal one-on-one help sorting through what's safe and what's not?

Well, you've come to the right place!

You can request a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation to help you sort through your questions and challenges. Or you can submit your question by e-mail.

If you still need help after your FREE telephone or e-mail Consultation, you can purchase additional 20-minute sessions to help you eliminate harmful chemicals from your life and start on the path to health and wellness. Each additional session is $50.

If you prefer to have your consultations by e-mail, the sessions are 20 minutes of my time to answer your question. So, depending on the time it takes to answer your question, you may get 1 or more e-mail questions per session.

All telephone consultations require an appointment. When you receive your appointment, you will be given a phone number to call at the designated appointment time.

If you are doing e-mail consultations, please note in the subject line that you are requesting an e-mail consultation.

Click the button below to purchase your Health & Wellness Consultation.

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