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Ingredient Safety Codes

These are the codes that appear on page 15, under "HOW TO USE THIS BOOK." Print out the list and keep it with your book for quick and easy reference. You may even want to laminate it to make it last longer.

Product Codes

These are the codes that appear at the bottom of page 151 and will help you remember the meaning of the codes appearing after some of the product names. You may want to print out the list for quick and easy reference, or laminate it onto the back of the Ingredient Safety Codes.

Natural Product Labeling Guidelines

There are no official guidelines established for the cosmetic and personal care product industry. These guidelines are suggested by the Natural Ingredient Resource Center. They mirror the organic food guidelines established by the USDA. Companies who wish to display the NIRC Truth in Labeling graphic pledge to uphold these guidelines. Participation is voluntary; compliance is based upon the honor system.


Here you'll find articles related to ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, product safety and the cosmetic and personal care product industry. Come back regularly to check for new articles.

If you have an article that you feel is relevant and would benefit the readers of this site, you may submit it here. All articles submitted are subject to review and must follow the guidelines for submission.

Free Articles and News Releases

The articles and news releases on this page are free to use on your website, in your ezine, print magazine, newspaper or newsletter, provided that they are used in their entirety, without modification or change, and include our resource information. Ezines must be opt-in only.  


Read what the readers of Dying To Look Good and members of DyingToLookGood.com have to say about their experience using the information in the book and on DyingToLookGood.com. If you have a personal success story you'd like to share, submit it here


The cosmetic and personal care product industry is always changing. New ingredients are created, new research is being done, safety issues arise, legislation is on the horizon to regulate the industry and make products safer.

Here you'll find ingredients rated according to safety that didn't make it into the book, or that came onto the market after the book was published. If you come across any ingredients in your cosmetics or personal care products that are not in the book, you can submit them here and I'll research them and post them on this page.

Relevant news from the industry will also be posted here. If you find some some pertinent information or articles in the media or scientific literature, that you would like to submit you may do it

Ask Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered in the book, you can ask them here. Questions and answers will be posted on this page.

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Product Reviews

Let us know what you think of the products you use that are listed in the book. Make sure you give your name, where you're from, e-mail address, what product you're reviewing, how long you used the product, and what your opinion of the product is and the reason for your opinion. Only your name and where you're from will be posted after your review.

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