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2006 Edition

DYING TO LOOK GOOD was reviewed in the Summer 2006 edition of "Wise Traditions," the Quarterly Journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Read the review here.

"Previously, the skin was thought to be an impenetrable barrier. Now, we know that the skin absorbs many of the chemicals put on it, even from products that are rinsed off. This is an excellent overview of safe cosmetics and toiletries to use on the skin. Dr. Farlow gives knowledgeable practical advice to people who want to have optimal health and makes it easy to choose safe and healthy products."

Peter Eckhart, M.D.
Women’s Therapeutic Institute

"This book is a must read for people concerned with their health and those who have not been able to find the cause of some of their nagging health problems. In this well researched and well presented book we learn of some of the limitations of the Food and Drug Administration in protecting our health. We also learn the truth about the chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products that we use on a daily basis – products that may be contributing to the epidemic of obesity and the rapid rise in the incidence of such medical conditions as diabetes, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, seizures, heart irregularities, migraine headaches, and neurological diseases."

Jack L. Samuels, President
Truth in Labeling Campaign

"What a gift! Buy this book for everyone you love. More and more we're learning to take care of ourselves from the inside out. Now Dr. Farlow has done the research and organized the information we need to be wise consumers and take care of our health from the outside in too. She has given us a simple, convenient and user-friendly tool to make responsible choices in our cosmetic and personal care purchases. This little book is a compact reference guide to take shopping with easy to locate ingredient list, ratings, safety tips, safe products, and complete resource information. Well done! We may live in a toxic world but we can change that!   Thank you, Dr. Farlow for your knowledgeable guidance."

Connie Adams, CMT, FCCI
Certified Aromatherapy Instructor

"This book is an indispensable guide that translates the chemical 'gobbledy-gook' on product labels into understandable language. It makes it easy to confidently choose safe and healthy products. The writing style is easy reading and there are extensive verifiable references. No one should be without its wisdom. Thank you for making it possible."

Robert "Bob" Chew
Co-founder, A Better Community For All

"A must-read for time-starved parents! This book takes very complex material and distills it down to information that is credible and very quick and easy to read. Choosing healthy personal care products becomes easy because Dr. Farlow has done the hard work for you."

John Kjenner, CPA

"Thank you for such an informative book. I’m concerned about the ingredients in my health care products, and really appreciate the fact the ingredients can be found in one concise book. I’ve used the book to review ingredients in products I had been using and will be changing them because of the more informed decisions I’m able to make because of the information in this book."

Cheryl Strong

"I don't claim to know it all, by any means, but even from the little I know, your work must be done; it must be passed on to those of us who want to be enlightened so that we may use, first, safe and then beneficial personal use products. Best wishes and congratulations on picking an important topic few would even know where to start to mine the gems you have already found."

German Ruiz
The Vital Image

"Great title and a great handbook to use when determining how healthy the products I use on myself and my animals really are. After reading the first few chapters, I wanted to make a trip to the store and read the ingredients listed for the products I use. Christine has also included a section of products that are safe, and provided an easy way to order them. There is no reason to continue to use unhealthy products!"

Martha Webb

"Dr. Farlow's work brings us the knowledge that it’s not only what we put inside our bodies that affects our health, but what we put on the outside of our bodies affects our health too. The skin is an organ of the body that absorbs both nutrients and toxins. The fewer toxins we repeatedly put on our skin, the less risk we have at developing serious illnesses, like cancer. I highly recommend this guide book to all those who want to know how to take better care of themselves."

Joshua Leibow.
BA in Psychobiological Medicine
UC Santa Cruz

"This work is a good reference for most of us who don’t have time to read all the latest information on ingredients and additives. Making it part of a regular routine to make healthy product choices can only improve one's physical health."

Chuck 'n Leslee Gervais

"Maybe we should call this book The Cosmetic Product Guide and the Natural Personal Care Product Bible. I was shocked at what some of the ingredients in my shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and sunscreen can do to my health. Now, I’ve got a list of safe and healthy personal care products. Do your health a favor; read and use this book."

Larry Gibbs
Paralegal, researcher

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Original Edition

"Some people will do anything to look good in their coffins. … Every person who uses cosmetics – male or female – should have this book when they go shopping, or look up the products they are currently using."

Lendon H. Smith, M.D.
Author of How to Raise a Healthy Child

"Loved your little book. It is very informative, and gets to the real data pronto. Anyone who uses these chemicals on a daily basis would do well to get a copy of your book and read it. It is also wonderful as a reference."

Dr. Bruce West
Health Alert

"For years, I avoided cosmetics because of the fragrances or smothering effects I experienced when using them. ... Everyone concerned with looking good and being healthy needs this book to learn how to shop for cosmetics and health care products.”

Ann P. Tidwell, Ph.D.
1st EnviroSafety

“This handy book slips into my purse so nicely, I will never again shop for cosmetics or toiletries without it. Once again I am reminded that personal responsibility is the key to personal well being. Your book makes this job easier."

Barbara Van Horne, DC

"We’ve been looking for a “non-biased” book on personal care products that’s easy to follow and would allow us to assess products on our own by their ingredients. Your book is exactly what we were hoping to find."

Lisa Giordano, CNHP & Gregory Giordano, RN, CMT

"Your book is a truly useful reference guide. I’ve been checking labels since reading it and referencing back to your book. I never thought commercial toothpaste was particularly healthy, I just never realized before that it was a potentially deadly poison. It’s in the wastebasket as is the can of shaving cream. And more, I’m sure, is yet to follow."

Bryan Stern, L.Ac.

"Finally! A compact, incredibly useful book that demystifies the labels on cosmetics. I have always hated the idea of putting toxic substances on my face--especially on my mouth and eyes--but labels never really helped me be a cautious consumer because the ingredients read like a foreign language. This book is a very valuable tool that I carry with me whenever I go shopping. Knowledge is power when it comes to fighting the battle against toxins. I love it!"

Stephanie Davis

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