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10 Best Eyelash Tinting Kits And Serums 2022

Here are the best eyelash tinting kits and serums. Check it out!

There is no one formula that fits all solutions to get fluttery lashes like Katy Perry, some have it and others might have to work their way to it.

While mascaras have been a saviour for quite some time now, you have to admit, they do take up a few precious moments of your sleep every morning.

If you want to be done with the dripping and smudging for good, we have some amazing alternatives for you.

Eyelash tints have been gaining a lot of momentum these days since it can leave you with a dreamy eye-look without the daily hustle. This unique dyeing technique ensures that you do not have to groom your lashes over and over again, for weeks.

To facilitate this process, brands have also come up with eyelash serums to help you strengthen and grow your lashes organically. Here’s a curated list of some popular Eyelash Tinting Kits and Serums to get you started:

Top Eyelash Tinting Kits And Serums

1000 Hour Lash and Brow Dye Kit

The 1000 Hour Lash and Brow Dye Kit has been one of the best sellers on Amazon. With over 25 years of trust, this award-winning brand assures quality results that can last up to 6 weeks. It will darken the lashes and add more definition to the eyes.

Their plant extract gel formula ensures that the entire process is smudge free and waterproof. The pack provides 12 applications which means that you will have your eye game covered for a year. They are composed of natural ingredients to ensure that it is safe to use for sensitive skin. In addition to that, they also claim that their products are not tested on any animals which makes it even more alluring.

Best eyelash tinting kits

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Intensive Lash and Brow Tint

The Intensive Lash and Brow tint by Biosmetics has been ruling the internet for its easy application and dramatic results. The brand has been specialising in eye care for over 20 years and it reflects in their product.

The 1:1 mixing ratio makes it a delight for all its users and it assures that the voluminous lashes are there to stay for at least 6 weeks. Moreover, they have also introduced 8 unique shades of tints to accommodate different skin and hair colours.

It comes with a waterproof formula as well, to provide a natural finishing. The affordable price definitely makes it an ideal choice!

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Libeauty Lash & Eyebrow Tint Dye Kit

This is yet another Amazon bestseller and has been glowing with positive user experiences. Made in Korea, the product promises to make your lashes look darker and fuller.

The kit not only contains the colour tubes, but also brushes, combs, spoons and other tools for a seamless experience.

The tint lasts from 6 to 8 weeks and gives a salon-like result. It is available in shades of dark brown and black for regular use and blue for a more playful look. It is completely safe and easy to use.

Best eyelash tinting kits and serums

The oxidant and the colour crème are required to be mixed in a proportion of 1:2 for best results. All the other instructions are provided in detail along with the kit.

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Godefroy 28 Day Mascara Eyelash Tinting Kit

This Australian tinting kit by Godefroy is easily the best of both worlds because it is not just user friendly, but is also available at a very economic price. The kit will include the crème colour, a gel activator, combs, an applicator handle and eye protectors.

It is completely safe for sensitive skin as it comes with a natural formula free from toxins, hydrogen peroxide and coal tar remnants. The packet contains 25 applications that will last you for over a year.

Each application will last for up to four weeks and is available in shades of black and brown. Wait for the colour to develop over a few days after application. This cosmetology board approved kit intends to bring you the lustrous lashes that you have been dreaming of.

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Swiss-O-Par Eyelash Colour

Swiss-O-Par is also one of the popular brands when it comes to lash tints. They claim that their product has a 2 in 1 effect and can be used for both lashes and brows. Using it will leave you with natural looking, fluttery lashes.

Your eyes will look donned 24/7 because every single use lasts for weeks. They provide you with 12 applications in a single packet. You will also find colour gel, cotton buds, a little comb and eye pads to ensure minimum risks in the process. This will also be effective for hair which does not hold colour quite strongly.

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Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

The serum by Rapidlash is one of the most effective products at an affordable price. You will start seeing results in 6 weeks after the application process begins.

It is completely safe for your skin, and will not cause any burning sensation or irritation.

Best eyelash tinting kits and serums

It contains soybean oil which helps with the shine and polypeptides which facilitates the thickening of lashes. The serum also comes with a miniature brush to ease up the process.

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Silly George Lash Growth Serum

Silly George has been one of the trusted eye beauty brands and when they sell, you can take their word for it.

Their fine product range can be one of the reasons to buy from them, but they are also vegan, cruelty-free and toxins-free which makes them an even more compelling choice among consumers.

This particular serum has been dermatologically tested and it is completely paraben free. It activates the hair follicles in your lashes to stimulate growth up to 40%. They claim that the initial change may be visible in 7 days and you can find positive results in 6 weeks.

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Baebody Castor Oil Eyelash Serum

With the friendly motto of simplified self-care, Baebody recognises your beauty needs and delivers it with the best of ingredients. Along with other products, their serum is also free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

Best eyelash tinting  serums

The best thing about their serum is that it can be used for eyelashes, eyebrows, hair and skin, making it the ultimate one solution that fits all formula.

It is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamin E which can strengthen and grow your hair effectively. You can apply and leave it on an entire night to fetch best results.

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Forchics Eyelash Enhancing Serum Bundle Kit

Forchics advocates effective hair growth for every user, making their product a valid choice. It is also a vegan and cruelty-free brand which is free from toxins and preservatives. They believe in using science to extract all the nourishing elements from plants to create their products, including their lash enhancing serum.

It revitalizes the roots to open up hair follicles which helps recover from thinner strands. The formula contains antioxidants and amino acids to strengthen the core, and the magnolia bark extract helps avoid hair loss.

You can expect visible results in just two weeks, but you need to have a consistent routine. Their bundle pack brings you to double the benefit – quite literally!

Lash Blast Lash & Brow Serum by Covergirl

This vegan brand assures natural and lasting growth with its lash blast lash and brow serum. The product is as interesting as its name since it guarantees 24% lash growth in 30 days. Their brush is carefully designed to help apply their gel serum from root to tip.

You will find added volume and lustre since their serum is infused with biotin and bamboo extracts for thickness, and peptides and castor oil for opening up the follicles and preventing breakage. Its design is similar to a mascara and therefore, applying it would be extremely simple and safe.

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Eyelash Tinting Kits and Serums: FAQs

  • What are the benefits of using tinting kits and serums?

One of the biggest benefits of using these alternatives is that you do not have to be exposed to any harmful chemicals present in lash extensions and mascaras. Further, it saves up your time and energy because it does not require daily grooming and multiple coats to make your lashes look thicker. The serums also help you keep the lashes hydrated and healthy, which make them worth the investment.

  • Will the tints suit me?

They are present in basic shades, if you are looking to play it safe, as well as bolder shades; so you can choose based on whatever look it is that you are going for. These tints are ideal for those who have fair hair or pale skin tone because it visibly accentuates their look.

  • Are these tints safe to use?

Quality assurance is a must on the behalf of these brands because they specialize in eye care. Eyes are a delicate area, and hence it is important to ensure that the whole process is carried out safely when you are using these kits at home. If you do not find yourself proficient enough to apply them, you should not hesitate to seek help from a professional. Additionally, as will most skin products, do a dab test before getting into it completely to see if it suits your skin.

  • Should I take any measures after the tints have settled?

This is one of the most low maintenance processes, so you ideally do not have to not take any steps after applying, until it wears out.