12 Best Golden and Black Nails Design Ideas

Looking for golden and black nails inspo? Check out here some of the most artistic gold and black nail designs to get next time you visit a nail salon. Read further to know more about it.

Nowadays, dressing pretty and making a good hairdo isn’t enough, your nails should be groomed too. With a lot of these nail grooming services, there’s so much on the plate to choose from. Even if you don’t like getting nail extensions, you can at least get your nails painted. 

Freshly painted nails harm no one and look extremely gorgeous. You can paint your nails in so many different ways, ditching the basic ones. If you’re a fan of trying something new like a multi-colour shade, golden and black nails are perfect to go for!

Gold and black, the colour combination has been set for a very long time. It’s one of the most elegant, stylish and luxurious. We often see women wearing black dresses and accessorising in gold hoops and necklaces. This combination is pretty much similar. 

I have gotten black and golden nails many times and there wasn’t a single time that I didn’t receive any compliments for it. I love how we can try different designs and nail arts on your black and gold nails. 

If you’re excited to get yourself golden and black nails then below are some of the classiest and the most gorgeous nail designs in black and golden colour. 

Golden and Black Nails

Golden Glitter Dip on Black Nails

Golden glitter dips are super elegant yet subtle. The best part is that it looks good for all occasions and you can also rock it casually without making it look extra. Glitter dip adds shine and looks good on all sizes of nails. 

Source: gerivare

Achieving this nail look is pretty easy. All you have to do is create a black base on your nails. You can go for matte or shiny base according to your personal preference. Then, you dip your nails on the golden glitter to finish the look. It’s one of the most basic golden and black nails but definitely worth trying if it’s your first time playing with these colours. 

Shimmery Golden and Black Nails

Girls are never done with sparkle, so here is another glitzy-glam gold and black nails. This nail design is simple yet extremely classy. It’s great if you’re going for any event and dressing up a little as your nails are going to complement you here. 

To pull off shimmery golden and black nails, you just need two shimmery nail paints of black and golden colour. If you don’t find shimmery nail paints you can also create this look using powdered glitter. This nail combination is attractive and suits really well on people with long and medium nails. 

Nail Art on Golden and Black Nails

Are you someone who likes fancy and artsy stuff? If yes, we found you something perfect to get on your nails. Nail art looks very beautiful not only on gold and black nails but any other nail colour combination. You can design something for yourself, pick from the internet or just ask your nail salon professionals to do the best they can on your nails. 

Keep your base of a single colour so that your nail art is popping and visible. You can also go for half-nail nail arts which are trendy these days and are also shown in the picture. To make your golden and black nail art more fancy, use stones or beads to complete the look. Beads or stones are perfect for big events like weddings, engagement functions etc. 

Golden and Black French Tips

You might think that french tips are only done with white colour right? Ditch the rules and go for something out of the box. Golden and black french tips are super cool and minimalistic. It makes your nails look neat as well as extremely stylish. 

It requires a great deal of detail and patience so you might need to visit a nail salon to get this nail look. Colour the tip of your nails in golden and simply add a clean line outlining the golden tips carefully. To add a bit of sass, you can also draw bows, hearts etc. on the tips. I love this look as it can be sported anywhere but it looks good only on long nails. 

Camouflage Golden and Black Nails

Another classy yet pretty basic design to go on black and gold nails is this camouflage effect. It doesn’t require rhinestones or studs to make your nails look extra decorative. Golden foil can work in a similar way to create that effect. 

To create this effect, add a base coat of black nail paint and let it dry. You now have to use golden foil to create this look. Use an abundance of it so that it looks like camouflage but also make sure to leave proper gaps so that the black part is visible. I love this golden and black nail look even at professional events. 

Golden and Black Chrome Nails

Source: omayra.nails

Fancy a shiny look? Well, this metallic shiny powder-finish look is perfect for you to try on your nails. Chrome is basically a manicure style that uses metallic high polish powders for a reflective touch. Technically it is not a nail polish but the powder that creates the effect.

To create this effect on your nails, you’d need golden chrome powder if you’re doing your nails at home. Paint your nails black for base and add the golden chrome powder as you like it. You can create different shapes, lines etc. These chrome nails are great for extraordinary events like weddings. 

Geometric Patterns Golden and Black Nails

Source: jgluxenails

Want to get your nails done in gold and black colour but just casually? Go for this subtle yet stylish look. Geometric patterns are easy to create as well. Give yourself a base coat of one colour and the other has to be in any of the geometric patterns you choose like line, tangent, circle etc. The choice is yours. This type of nails look cool on shorts nails as well so don’t worry if you’re someone who bites their nails. 

Minimalistic Black and Gold Nails

There are times when you’re in no mood to go over the top with nails and want it to be rather simple. With colours like black and gold, you must be thinking it’s impossible but not really. You still can create minimalistic and humble looks with these eye-popping colours. 

It’s extremely simple to create this look, all you need to do is draw just two patterns from each of the nail paints. It’s literally that simple! Make sure the gold and black colour are visible but in bits. Voila! This is my all time favourite golden and black nails for sure!  

Moon Black and Gold Nails

Source: jr_n.ails

A simple and sober nails for daily casualty isn’t bad at times. Moon nails look very pretty on short as well as long nails. It’s perfect to pull off on formal events like office meetings, office dinners etc. 

Bring it on girls! Get your single colour nail paints on and layer a small amount of the other colour nail paint just above the cuticles, to create this effect. 

Line Golden and Black Nails

Source: fingerfeast

Another extremely simple nail look is this line effect. Very easy to recreate as well as sport. This look is perfect for medium sized nails but looks good on small size nails as well. To create the line effect. Choose a golden nail paint and a black nail paint. Paint your nail base with black and apply a line of golden nail paint and you’re done. Isn’t it simple yet gorgeous? 

Animal Print Golden and Black Nails

Animal print is never out of style, be it clothes or nails! These animal print nails will definitely not disappoint you. They look super cute, chic and are highly in fashion. You can sport them casually as well as in parties. 

Source: salleesnails

To create this look, keep your base coat to be golden and draw leopard patches on your nails with utmost details using black nail paint. It looks extremely good. You can also try it with other colours. The best part is that, whatever your nail size is, this look will always go along. 

Golden and Black Ombre Nails 

Ombre has been one of the trendiest nail designs that you’ll find everywhere so why not try it with gold and black. Honestly, ombre with any colour looks so good and is one of my favourite manicure designs. It’s easy to pull off as well as can fit any occasion you want to sport it to. 

This ombre effect is very easy to create. Get yourself shimmery golden and black nail paint and colour golden from the cuticles till the half and colour black from the half till the tip of your nails. You can also use a transparent coat on top of it. You’d definitely enjoy this nail look for a while!

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