best numbing creams for waxing

6 Best Numbing Creams For Waxing 2022

We curated a list of the best numbing creams for waxing. Check it out!

A lot of us prefer waxing over shaving, and for good reason. Waxing has its own set of benefits, right from the longevity of its effect to tan removal and relatively smoother skin. But one the biggest reasons why people hesitate to fix a waxing appointment for themselves is the pain facto. Waxing is one of those beauty treatments which is painful, but provides the best results.

Of course the level of pain experienced varies from person to person. There are various aspects that come into play, like the thickness of your hair, for starters; and your personal level of pain tolerance, of course.

Numbing creams are one of the ways to have a painless waxing experience. Successful in their purpose, and having rarely caused any harmful consequences, Numbing Creams are being used widely by everyone so that our waxing appointments become a little less painful, and a little more approachable and feasible.

We have curated a list of Numbing Creams which are best at their job. Go ahead and see what might suit your needs the best.

Best Numbing Creams For Waxing

Numb Master Anaesthetic Cream

The Numb Master Topical Anaesthetic Cream is possibly the strongest over the counter solution that you will find. This numbing cream provides considerable relief during waxing and uses a unique formula which blends topical sedative with microneedling methods.

The effect of the cream lasts for a minimum of one hour, and customers have gone as far as to say that it has also lasted much longer than that. The consistency of the cream is neither cakey or oily, and is quite smooth when applied.

Dr Numb Best numbing creams for waxing

The Topical Anaesthetic Cream is FDA approved, which means you can unhesitantly trust the effectiveness and standards of this product.

Now, do bear in mind that the cream might not hold strong for the entire time period of a full body wax. It has also not been clinically proven to be effective against Brazilian wax, but customer testimonies state otherwise. But one thing is for sure, the Numb Master Anaesthetic Cream definitely numbs tattoo related pain as well.

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Dr Numb Anaesthetic Cream

The Dr Numb Anaesthetic Cream is by far, the best over the counter cream for relief from waxing stings. WIth 4% Lidocaine, it is a water-based numbing cream that is non-oily, non-greasy, and also hypoallergenic.

This cream works instantly, and provides long lasting numbing effects, which are two features which are extremely rare to find in other numbing creams. The formula is meticulously designed to allow the cream to penetrate deep into the skin so that you can reap the optimum benefits of numbing during waxing.

The best part about the Dr Numb Anaesthetic Cream is that it actually works wonders on numbing pain from Brazilian wax! The only reason the cream is not on top of our list is that it is very (very) expensive.

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Topicaine 5 Anaesthetic Gel

The Topicaine 5 Anaesthetic Gel is used to reduce the pain and uneasiness in the anorectal area to ensure a painless hair removal session. In fact, this numbing cream contains 5% Lidocaine, which is the one of the most potent anaesthetic that you can find on the market.

Like most other creams, the Topicaine % has an effect which lasts upto 60 to 90 minutes. The cream is effortless to apply, and the instructions are clear and to the point on the packaging too. All you have to do is apply a small amount of this cream to the desired area on your body, and let it penetrate deep into the skin.

numbing creams for waxing

The Topicaine 5 Anaesthetic Gel is undeniably effective for temporary numbing relief. It is just that the waiting time is quite long as compared to other creams, so you need to know what you are signing up for. And the product might burn a little as well, so do a patch test, as always.

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LMX Anaesthetic Cream

The LMX Topical Anaesthetic Cream is yet another option that you could go for. This numbing cream stings a little initially, when you apply it. But once it settles, the cream is extremely effective in reducing the extent of your pain. Hence, you are going to have to be tolerant of the cream, so that it can efficiently penetrate your skin for a good amount of time.

And the aforementioned pain not only includes pain caused by waxing, but this cream can also be used before getting shots, laser hair removal, and burning pain.

The LMX Topical Anaesthetic Cream is manufactured by a well- known, trusted brand, and has also been approved by dermatologists and experts. The texture of the cream is also such that it is easy to apply and smooth on the skin.

The duration of the numbing effect, however, is not very long. So it might not be effective for long waxing sessions. And as is with any numbing cream, the degree of pain tolerance that each person possesses is different from that of the other person. So you are going to have to try out a few creams before finding the one most suitable for you.

Ultimately, the LMX Anaesthetic Cream is an affordable option for all those who want to get an effective numbing cream for waxing without spending much.

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Workvie Lidocane Roll On Numbing Cream

Workvie Lidocane Roll On Numbing Cream is great for those who are just starting out their waxing journey and are open to trying a couple of creams before landing on the one most suitable for me. This is because this particular cream is extremely affordable, and is quite compatible with most skin types as well!

It contains 4% Lidocaine, which is a potent anaesthetic, and it also contains Aloe Vera, which soothes the skin. Aloe Vera is an especially great ingredient for those with sensitive skin as it really helps with reducing the tingling sensation.

The Workvie Lidocane Roll On Numbing Cream is a water-based one, and needs about an hour and half until its effects are pronounced, after which its impact lasts for about an hour.

Best numbing creams for waxing

The cons are that it is not as effective and efficient as the other creams on the market, albeit much cheaper than them. And also, the waiting time is quite long, but that is the case with most creams as well.

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No Scream Cream Relax and Wax

The No Scream Relax and Wax comes from a licensed American aesthetician Deborah Merha who is a waxing specialist with more than 15 years of experience. She produced the cream especially for her clients to provide them with the experience of painless waxing.

Formulated with 20% Benzocaine, the No Scream Relax and Wax can safely be used on all skin types. In fact, this cream works marvellously on all body parts, even the bikini area. There is almost no pain experienced by the user and works best for beginners.

This numbing cream is neith oily or greasy and requires about forty five minutes to penetrate the skin, and the impact lasts for an hour. Make sure you do not massage it into the skin as it might cause irritation.

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Numbing Creams For Waxing: FAQs

Are Numbing Creams safe to use on skin?

Most definitely, yes! Using Numbing Creams is one way to combat the pain, and have a comparatively reduced painful experience. Numbing Creams, while effective and efficient in their own way, also have their downfalls. This is to say that sometimes, due to excessive use, you might not feel the heat of the wax, which means you have used an excessive amount. The cream might also not suit your skin if yours is particularly sensitive or you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

When can I use Numbing Cream?

Numbing Creams are used when your experience is painful, on the seemingly unbearable side; or when you are going through continued pain. Waxing fits the bill just right, as you have to sit through at least an hour-long session. However, do not use numbing creams for activities like tweezing, or god forbid, a razor burn. The numbing cream might be too potent for such short lived low level pains, and might rid you of all sensation in that area (which is a bad idea). Use numbing creams before or after a waxing session, based on what it says on the product description to have a pain-free session.

How to use Numbing Creams?

You will find the most appropriate way to use a product, on its packaging, or the guide that comes with it. But here is how most numbing creams are to be used – half an hour before your waxing appointment, and washed off right after.

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