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12 Best Toe Nail Designs | Trendy Toe Nail Designs To Try in 2022!

We curated a list of the best toe nail designs to try. Check it out!

A pedicure session must always be on your self-care plan. Following which, there will be a vibrant scope to try out some fresh toe nail designs that will really add a strut to your walk! If you are looking for inspiration to paint your toenails in a new style and are tired of coming across web pages of just fingernail art, we have good news for you. Find below a curated list of great toe nail design ideas that you try at home, or use as inspiration at the beauty parlour! There’s a little something for everyone and every occasion – edgy, elegant, cute and whimsical.

You can paint your toenails in different designs – or mix them up if you are feeling driven by a cute whim – making them perfectly presentable when paired with sandals and peep toe heels.

Make your toenails your own little canvas and bring out your flip-flops with these chic designs!

Trendy Toe Nail Designs

Crystal Studded Reverse French Pedicure

Tiny crystal studs are the up and coming trend for fingernails and are also making a well deserved cameo in the toenail art scene. These crystal studs look best as a reverse french pedicure with a line of stud at the bottom of your toenail painted in any pastel colour of your choice. You can always go for bold colours too if you want to keep the toenail game a bit flashy. Adding these tiny studs to the nail paint of your choice would definitely make your toes look beautiful in an effortless manner.

best toenail ideas classic french pedicure

Classic French Pedicure

A thin white horizontal stripe at the top of your nails painted in clear or neutral tones has an evergreen soothing look. It’s chic, it’s shiny and it’s not just for your fingernails! When it comes to toenails, you can never go wrong with a classic french pedicure. It would make your feet look elegant, neat, stylish and ready to walk that walk. Some classic pink neutral tones paired with a white end can really bring out a graceful look on your feet. This design will reduce the hassle of repainting your nails as it is an everyday look and can also be worn for any public occasion.

French Pedicure – Coloured

You can spice up the usual French Pedicure by playing with different colour, shades, and colour combinations. The new trend is to take a complete switch on the colour by painting the tip of the nails black. Mixing bold colours with a rather pastel tip or vice versa is also a great idea! You can go for any combination that you feel reflects your personality and no combination is ever a wrong answer when the canvas is your nails. With this little twist on the classic French pedicure, you will feel as fresh as your toenail design.

Monochromatic Glitter

Another brilliant design idea is painting your nail a single colour and adding some sparkle to it! With a broken glass style glitter look, your toenails will stand out and look more stylish than ever. The easiest way to get this design is to apply a coating of nail paint, distort the consistency of the paint with a cotton swab to get a glass effect and then apply a final coat of nail paint again. Perfect for occasions of any social gathering, this toenail design will reflect your spark, and add glitter to your personality.

best toenail designs polka dots

Polka dots

Add a vintage spin to your toenails with a quick and easy polka dot design. Although applied on a coat of nail paint, coloured polka dots on clear nail paint can also be a great alternative to simple nail polish. Out of many available designs, polka dots are the cutest for your toenails. Perfect for summer-y mornings, brunches, picnics, and fun dates, polka dots are much more versatile than one might think.

Given how toenails are wider than fingernails, tiny polka dots sprawled across the toenails can make up for the lack of sleekness in your toenails. You can switch across the sizes of polka dots and use different colours as well to personalise this design.

Iced Nails

Iced toenails make your toes beautiful and also enhance the look of the feet by bringing out the tan lines. A subtle layer of shimmer is paired with tiny crystals on the nail which could be arranged neatly or haphazardly – you can choose either way. The best way to go about the nail art would be to place one crystal on each toe except for the big toe nail which could be used for making an elaborate design with the crystals. With studs on all your toenails, your iced nails will be ready to steal the show!

Matte Nail Paint

Matte nail paint has a smooth finish effect on your nails and when worn on toes, this specific style looks pleasantly sleek and unique. The matte finish makes the nail colour look deeper and smoother than usual. You can play with the matte design by adding a tiny stroke of shiny lacquer which is of the same shade as the matte nail colour. Alternatively, you can make a French pedicure design out of the matte nail paint or cook up a fresh idea of your own. Matte shades by itself are a great idea for toenails but a little variation is always refreshing and welcome!

Syrup Nails

Syrup nails are quickly gaining limelight in the fashion industry. Before they get outdated, you must try them on your toenails! Syrup nails are essentially a design that looks like a melt of hues from translucent to the chosen shade of nail polish – attaining a look of dripping syrup! It might look like too much effort but is really not that complicated. All you have to do is to get the syrup design by applying the base coat and then following it with thin layers of coat towards the cuticle that get thinner towards the top of the nail, or vice versa, depending on your directional preference.

Doodle Nail Art

Doodle art for your nails is never a dull idea. Try out some doodles on your toenails to quirk up the way your feet look. Especially if you are the artsy kind, drawing doodles on your toes could actually be a nice self-care exercise by itself, and cathartic activity.

You can go for tiny watermelon slices for summer, floral spring patterns, snowflakes for winters, christmas decorations or any design of your choice. There is no end to the list of doodle inspirations for a toenail design. You can make the tiny nails look adorable with whimsical doodles or varying patterns for each toenail.

Given the small size of your toenails, the doodling might be a pickle but who doesn’t love an artsy little challenge!

Gradient Pastel

A gradient pastel design on your toenails is sure to make some heads turn when you walk down the street. With some help from a professional, you can get subtle hues or a range of primary colours blending neatly together on your toenails. This design is evergreen and gives a unique visual effect of rich and colourful art to the nails. With gradient pastel design, you have the freedom to choose from a range of colour combinations; but if you find yourself confused about which colours to opt for, we would definitely recommend the go-to rainbow gradient.


Bring out your entire collection of nail paints, this is going to be a fun one! This simple looking toenail art idea requires you to paint every toenail a different colour. Using varying colours, you can add a spin to the usual way of painting nails using a single colour. Multiple colours on your toenails allow you to choose from a range of shades and thereby not sticking to a single style or type of nail paint by creating a whimsical mix of colours ranging from primary to tertiary scale.

Summers or not, you can always flaunt your feet and paint your toenails using different designs, even if the plan is to sock up and stay indoors. Painting your toenails is therapeutic and with an artsy touch to it, you can turn it into the perfect self-care activity. There are no rules when it comes to painting your nails which is exactly why there is always a potential for your unique personality to show through your creativity.

With such a never-ending range of ideas and patterns to choose from, we practically have you covered for at least a few months. So go ahead and get started on those nails!