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15 Easy Nail Designs Ideas 2022

Looking for glamorous yet easy nail design ideas? We curated some beautiful easy nail designs for you to take inspiration from. Check it out!

Glam nails are the need of the hour, be it for aesthetic instagram pictures or making a fashion statement. Nails are the new canvases waiting to be ornamented with a splash of colour or even simple minimalistic tones.

The best part is, you do not have to visit the salon every time you want to jazz things up. Nail designing can be a part of your self-care routine and trust us, it’s therapeutic. Still wondering if you can pull it off? Check out these simple nail designs and ideas which will have you covered for every occasion:

Easy Nail Designs and Ideas

Diagonal Drama

This is one of the simplest ways to get a two toned effect in your nails. Choose two analogous colours for a muted effect (blue and cyan) or two contrasts for a bolder look (like yellow and purple). You can use tape or stickers to make the line more proportional and accurate. Carefully create a diagonal line with the first colour and fill one side with it. Let it dry, and then take the second colour to paint the remaining part. Do not move your fingers to make sure that the colour doesn’t overlap.

Easy Nail Designs and Ideas

Pastel Gaze

Do you want your nails to look chic with minimal effort? Then this design is for you. Pastel shades make up some of the trendiest fashion looks and if you got the nails to go with it, your mission is accomplished. To create this look, you would require at least 3 pastel nail paints for best results. Apply a single shade in every nail, and based on the number of shades you have, follow a chronological order and repeat. The muted nature of this shade will bring out a minimalistic look.

Metallic Muse

Metallic effect is ruling the beauty industry these days, and you can hop on that trend wagon with your own nails too. To create this look, you need to procure a tonal foil of the colour of your choice. You can cut them into small triangles and place them vertically on either side. Put the triangles on the same side and on the other nails as well. Make sure the base nail-paint and tonal foil are in monochromatic shades to bring out the best in this look.

The Polka Way

Polka dots are classic prints that are here to stay. Choose a base paint colour, apply it in the beginning and let it dry. You can create the dots in two ways – use the paint brush to carefully dab and make a dot, or you can use toothpicks or bobby-pins to make nice proportional circles. Make sure to use contrasting tones, for example if you have a lighter base, then add darker dots and vice versa.

Fishnet Frenzy

This DIY look can fetch you delightful professional results. First, apply the base colour, preferably a darker shade like black or brown, and let it dry. For the second coating, you would require silver glittery acrylic paint and a loofah. Place the textured surface of the loofah tightly over your nail and then use a sponge to apply the acrylic paint over it. Keep it still for a few minutes and carefully remove the loofah. The results will leave you stunned!

Best Nail Designs and Ideas

The Glitter Corner

This design will be perfect for you if you are looking for something understated and elegant. Take a pastel shade of blue, green or pink for the base paint coat. After it dries out, take some glitter using a sponge and dab it just in the left bottom corner of your nail. Have a proportion in mind while using the glitter and try to maintain the same in all nails – a half and half or rule of third division is ideal. Apply a transparent coat over it to ensure that the glitter is safely placed and lasts longer.

Amazing Nail Designs and Ideas

A Colour Pop

You can pass off this sleek nail design with almost every look. Apply a transparent coat to begin the process. Choose 3 or more nail colours to create the look. Draw a slim curved line on the tip of every nail and fill the shape with a single colour. Move on to the next nail with a different colour and continue the process. The shades will deliver a rainbow effect towards the end, and you will be left with a quirky take on French manicures.

Classic B&W

Go retro with your nails with the classic black and white. Apply the white paint as a base and let it dry. Create a curved outline depending on the proportion of black you would like to take up. You can also try a zig-zag outline for a more playful look. Fill the desired portion with black paint and let it settle. It is one of the easiest designs if you want to go bold.

Wrapped Confetti

This design will wonderfully compliment your weekend brunches, picnics and day looks. Apply the yellow nail paint as the base colour. Take a couple of bobby pins or toothpicks to add multi coloured circles over the base. You can use colours like pink, blue, green, orange, purple and basically shades which are usually associated with confetti. This should leave a sprinkled effect and hence make sure that all the colours are spread out evenly over the surface. It would be more systematic if you take a single colour, randomly apply it on all the nails, wait till it dries out and then move on to the next shade.

The Abstract Formula

Go sleek with your look with this classy nail design. The process is as fun as its results. Choose an off-beat colour like turquoise or grey as a base and apply it gently. Then take a plastic sheet and crumple it first. Drop some golden nail paint on that plastic sheet while it is still crumpled and hold tight. Now dab that paint over your nail after the base has dried out. You will be left with salon style abstract printed nails.

Dark Moon Effect

This can totally make for a must-have party look. To create this look you would require reinforcement stickers. Take a black or glittery nail paint as your base and apply it on the whole nail. Then place the sticker shaped like a half-moon. at the bottom portion. Choose a slender colour like gold, silver, red, or orange as a base and apply it while covering all the portions except the sticker. It is fine if you get some paint over the sticker, since it is there to protect the black paint. Then remove the sticker once it dries out and you will get the half-moon design.

Gold Tone Gaze

If you find creating designs with paints messy and uncomfortable, then this method is perfect for you. Apply a simple base paint with any colour of your choice. Take a golden sharpie and add magic to your nails. You can use it to create zig-zags or stripe patterns, or you can also use it to make solid filled shapes like diamonds, triangles, stars and more. It is extremely convenient to create and will leave you with a clean, professional-like look.

Gradient Finish

Not all the fun looking designs are time consuming, especially not this one. All you need to do is choose two nail paints, preferably in contrasting tones, like red and yellow, or cyan and navy blue, etc. Apply one of them in the beginning and let it dry. Take a sponge and pour the other colour on it. Squeeze it a few times to spread the paint and then dap it over your nails. Make sure to not take up too much paint because that will hamper the gradient finishing. this is a quick and easy way to get dual tone shades.

DIY simple Nail Designs and Ideas

Splash it up!

This is yet another fun-process to get quirky with your nail art. For best results, apply your white paint as a base. Choose two more colours for the design. Take a sheet of paper and drip some nail paint on it. Then, get a straw and place it over the paint so that it enters the hole. Holding the straw over your nail, and blow it over to bring out the splashing effect. Repeat the same process with the second colour. Then you can use a cotton swab, dip it lightly in water, and use it to adjust the design of the splash, or mix the colours. The results will be similar to a mosaic print.


A surprisingly therapeutic and rule free technique. Apply a base of white/cream paint in the beginning. Then choose the main colour, preferably something dark and glittery or something with texture. Take a toothpick, or an inkless pen and try to scrape the coloured layer in a quirky way. It can either be a few lines branching out, or a zig-zag, stripe pattern, whichever works best for you. This will leave you with a rustic, raw look.

There are so many more ways to get creative with colours and patterns, and all you need is the motivation and creative interest to try them out!