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15 Beautiful Glitter Nail Designs and Ideas Trending in 2022

Here are shiny and extremely pretty glitter nail designs and ideas you’ll love. Check it out!

Glitter could make or break your outfit. So a way to play it safe (and have fun while at it) is to add the glitter to your nail design lookbook. Glitter lines, dots, stars, or a coat could be a game-changer for your style as there is something for everyone. Believe it or not, you could go understated with glitter just as well as eye grabbing.

So bring your nail supplies and go through this list of the most trending and innovative ways you can wear glitter on your nails.

Glitter Nail Designs and Ideas

Glitter Triangle Accents on Round Nails

This nail design is on top of our list because of how chic and elegant it is. It is fresh and new, rooted in the classic triangle play when it comes to nail designs. Pick a pastel shade, a nice peach or pink looks best. Now pick up a contrasting colour, in a darker shade, but this should be fairly understated too. Nothing too vibrant. Draw triangles starting at your nail bed, and then give it an inner lining with white or silver. Finally, fill it up with some glitter. This look, when done with the right colours, has a rustic look to it, because of its pyramid like design, complete with white borders.

Source: Pinterest

Black with Glitter Triangles

Similar to the previous design, this too employs a lovely little combination of triangles and gold, but with black. You can use a combination of monochromes for this nail design. Try to mix and match with block painted nails and the nail design. This design could be your go-to, if you are into dark academia style.

Bubblegum Nails with Glitter Edges

This fruity, refreshing nail design is perfect for the summer. And the added glitter adds extra pzazz to your look. Not only that, but this particular colour gradient incorporates the most soothing shades of blue and pink which, believe it or not, is quite versatile. Which means that these nails would go with your sundress as well as it does with your beach wear.

Source: Pinterest

Mermaid Nails with Glitter and Embellishments

Get pink ombre nails, and then add some silver glitter and other embellishments. These nails have a mermaid-esque look to them, making them very beachy and perfect for the summers. Apart from that, they are extremely glamorous at the same time as well! The added embellishments especially make them a perfect accessory for shimmer dresses and other short party dresses.

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Glitter Lines and Accents

Pick two pastel shades that you like, and paint your nails in those colours. You could even do one or more as half and half, or in a 1:3 ratio. Now take the glitter topcoat and paint lines and stripes in agreeable numbers so that it’s not too much, but also provide some structure to your geometric design. This nail design is simplistic and classic, and has a chic quotidian look for work and meeting friends.

Gold Glitter Foil Effect

This nail design has a nice chipped gold foil effect to it. You can use a pastel or light colour shade as your base coat for an understated look, or use a darker base coat for something more vibrant and glamorous. The gold glitter foil is the kind of design which neither stands out nor blends in, which makes it perfect for a quirky everyday nail seven days a week (until you switch it up, that is).

Cute Glitter Nail Designs and Ideas
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Nude Pink Nails with Marble Tips and Glitter Details

Marble nails are hot right now, and nothing better than adding a little bit of glitter to it to glam it up. These ones in particular resemble the calming waves of the ocean, whilst being consistent with the marble pattern. Thi nail design is a pleasure to look at, if nothing else! A few shades of turquoise, teal and sea green overlapping each other in waves, and some glitter at the bottom edge to give it some structure. That is it, that’s all you need for this minimal, gorgeous look. And needless to say, this design is evergreen all season around, and especially the summers. So you are right on time to hop on the bandwagon before it becomes trite and overused, so go ahead and try it yourself!

Purple Nails with Glitter Details

Pick up a few different shades of purple, and paint your nails with them in a way where there is aesthetic consistency through repetition and not overdoing it, essentially. Once done, pick a nail or two and give them a glitter topcoat for additional accents and details for some additional charm. Purple is known for the kind of royalty it emanates, and some gold will give you the vibrant, rich look which can be paired with normal jeans, and even a gown.

Glitter Nail Designs and Ideas
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Navy Blue Nails with Glitter Details

These nails look surreal and magical. The navy blue gives the impression of the sky, and with a mild glitter topcoat, these nails look like a star studded sky. And the best part is, this nail design is very easy to create. You don’t even have to visit the salon for this one. These dreamy nails go best with maybe a vintage tee and some classic denims. In this way, it gets to stand out whilst also being an integral part of your look.

Source : Pinterest

Swirl Nails with Glitter Accents

These black and pink nails are absolutely jaw dropping if you have long stiletto nails. With swirls running all over your nail, you can paint between the lines in any colour you want. You can then pick up your glitter nail paint and add a coat of that in between. These stunning nails are fun even to just create, so take your time on a quiet afternoon, and let your creativity take the rein!

Glitter Nail Designs and Ideas
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The Classic Minimal

All you need is a transparent base coat for this one. And then go ahead and paint the edges with a glitter coat. This nail design is just as dreamy as it, elegant and understated. The minimal glitter touch gives it a chic stylish look, whilst also not overpowering the rest of your outfit. Needless to say, these nails are very very versatile. It goes equally well with gym wear, party wear, formals and even PJs.

Glitter Nail Designs
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The Understated Wonder Woman

Wonder woman or not, this nail design is extremely simple and unique. Pick a shade of nude (or red, if you want to go full Wonder Woman) these nails are just the right amount of extravagant and basic. By painting one of your nails in glitter, it adds a touch of drama, along with the two Vs give it the fandom touch.

Glitter Stars

Draw some cute little stars on your nails to create a cute little pattern which is dreamy and elegant. A navy blue or black base will give it the impression of a sky, as compared to a nude or cream base for something on the elegant side. The stars could be in a variety of colours as well, or even small sizes. This could give it a polka dot type design, but stars instead of dots.

Glitter Nail Designs and Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Glitter with Snowflakes

A sprinkle of snowflakes and some glitter is exactly what you need to stay in a festive spirit all year long. You can hand paint the snowflakes or use stickers as well. And then add glitter or a base coat of glitter.

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