How To Be An Elegant Woman | 15 Tips To Be An Elegant Woman!

Here are some easy tips on how to be an elegant woman?

Elegance is an art. It is multifaceted; it comes from refined looks, behaviour and mental composure. To be elegant, one has to make a conscious effort at evolving their lifestyle into something that is more neat, decluttered and organised. To arrive at elegance, one has to work for it.

Here are 14 steps that you can incorporate into your daily life, to be elegant inside out.

How to be an elegant woman

Mental grooming

Before we look at any of the more tangible ways of being elegant, the most important aspect is your mind. Declutter it, organise it, try therapy, and try meditation.

Radiate inner peace.

None of the options mentioned have any hard and fast rules that say that you must try them only when times are particularly bad. Mental grooming is an important aspect of growth and personality, and the more calm, rational and sociable you are, the better is your demeanor.

Start your day with ease and intention. Have a routine, be organised, and follow through.

Mental grooming is as necessary as physical grooming.

Dress smart

How tastefully you dress is a direct signifier of how elegant and confident you are.

Have a wardrobe which is simple, with beautiful statement pieces that are versatile, and which fit you perfectly. Stock up on your basics – a suit, a gown, a dress, a great pair of denims, and so on.

Wear clothes that are appropriate to the event or situation – formals to the workplace, and a sundress to a picnic.

Most importantly, look well groomed. Wear wrinkle-free clothes that have been ironed to perfection. Polish/dust your footwear, and wear accessories that complement your outfit.

Makeup is yet another aspect when it comes to physical grooming. If you prefer not to apply any, well and good. Follow through on your regular skincare routine and you should be just fine.

If you do enjoy wearing makeup, make sure it suits your features and your outfit – subtle when required, and vibrant when required. Try to go for a more natural looking makeup for a daily basis – nude shades and basic eye makeup.

how to be an elegant woman


Posture is as important as anything else. In fact, if you are perfect when it comes to all the other aspects, but have a bad posture, all of your efforts are in vain.

Quit slouching. Even if it is just a bit. If you want to get out of it, sit on chairs which have backrests and consciously make sure that your spine is parallel to it. If you practice this just for a week or so, you will see the difference.

Make sure your shoulders are back, and your chin is up. This gives you a confident, elegant and sophisticated look.

Try to maintain this curt posture for most part of your day. Slouching here and there, when you are relaxing at the end of the day is completely fine, of course!


Hygiene is yet another indispensable aspect.

Visit your dentist and dermatologist periodically. Deep clean your hair and face at a parlour once every couple of months to get rid of grit and dirt that cannot be dispensed otherwise.

Brush your teeth twice a day, and floss regularly. Keep your nails manicured. Wash your hair once every three days. Ultimately, make sure you do not smell, as it is one of the primary signs of an unkempt body.

how to be an elegant woman

Eat healthy

Eating healthy leaves you with glowing skin, and radiant energy. Have a balanced diet, eat your greens and proteins, do not skip out on your fruits and diary, and most importantly, cook your own meals!

If you know what goes into your meal, you are more confident about reaping the benefits of all the ingredients. Plus, cooking is a great activity to spend some time with yourself, and plan your day. And most of all, it is the best and healthiest option.

When in a public space, make sure you do not feed on your food. Dine instead. Slow down and savour every bite that goes into your mouth. And keep in mind the old golden rules – do not speak whale eating, do not eat while speaking, and you should be good to go!


When talking about food, we cannot not mention water! Water has a host of benefits, ranging from biological health, to physical beauty. It keeps your skin clear and nourished, and is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent acne.

Hydrate regularly, and make sure you drink about two litres of water everyday. If you tend to zone out or forget, make it a fun activity! Download an app that reminds you to drink water every few hours, buy a funky bottle that makes you want to drink out of it, and replace water with other fluids like fruit juices, flavoured water or tea.

Have a Signature-things

To be elegant is to be unbothered in a last minute situation, and to be confident all the time. How, we can all not be stress free in the face of a challenge, but there are a few cheat sheets that help you appear more prepared than the rest of the crowd.

One such tip is to have a signature..everything – right from an outfit, a meal and a personal introduction. By signature, we mean you know it inside out and can pull it off effortlessly.

When it comes to an outfit, have a formal fit and a casual fit at your disposal. A last minute plan or a date, and you know you can trust the outfit to fit you and complement you perfectly.

When it comes to a meal, have a signature dish (or dishes). If there is an impromptu dinner or some important decision to come over, the recipe is on your fingertips, and you are particularly adept at cooking it as well.

These ‘signatures’ will evolve over time to different things, but will be by your side when you need a quick fix nonetheless.

Learn to say No

Learning to say No, while difficult, is a signifier of self-awareness. Take up as many commitments as you can, and as many commitments as you know fulfill.

Overworking and not being able to come through makes a bad impression. Even if you do manage to deliver everything, it won’t be with your optimum skill and energy. Figuring out how to say No is essential to your overall well-being as well.


Kindness goes a long way, and this is not to be elegant. Little things like striking a conversation with someone who drives you, tipping generously, helping out the elderly, and so on, make you the person you are.

Another way of being kind is to try and keep the negativity to yourself. Do not lose your cool on days when you yourself are having a bad day. We don’t tend to realise the kind of effect we have on other people’s moods. Remember to breathe, and take out your frustration later, in private or to a close friend.

Express Gratitude

We often forget to mention how grateful we are for action’s that touch us. DOn’t be hesitant to tell someone you appreciate them. In fact, go a step further and send them a letter or card; nothing like a good old fashioned handwritten note. It will bring a smile to anyone and everyone’s face, and through this mere five minute effort, you would have made someone’s day.


Do more of what comes naturally to you – be it singing, dancing, cooking, painting or playing an instrument. Nothing is more attractive than someone effortlessly enjoying their hobby. Plus, where there is ease, there is elegance.


The way you speak and what you speak mirrors who you are.

So remember the manners that we have been taught since school – be polite, say your greetings, say your good mornings and thank yous, and swear to a minimum. And most importantly, do not complain all the time, and don’t be the loud person in the crowd.

Think first before speaking and voicing your thoughts. Be kind with your words, and speak eloquently.

how to be an elegant woman


Travelling will do wonders for your self growth. It is enriching, evolving and educative like no other activity. Travel to a new place at least once a year, and indulge in conversations and soak in the local culture of it all.


Last but not the least, love yourself. None of this is possible, including elegance, if you don’t accept yourself as you are, who you are, what you are.

Try to understand yourself, figure out your likes and dislikes. What do people like you for? What look or outfit suits you the most? What are you best at? Self awareness is an important means of becoming elegant, as it means that you know what is best for you, in all aspects. This way, you can pursue them efficiently, using the optimum of your skills and talents.

Finally, dream big and live passionately.