How To Be More Feminine

How To Be More Feminine | 10 Tips To Being Feminine

Looking for some ways on How to be More Feminine than ever? Check out our list of tips on how to become one!

The notion and concept of being feminine may be different to different people. This is because different cultures see femininity differently. However, being feminine is more about your style choice. 

There are feminine traits that you can follow in order to help you adopt this style. Being feminine is about getting ladylike mannerisms, getting in touch with the inner female in you, and taking on a more feminine image. 

Today I am here to guide you on how to be more feminine by adopting certain grace, politeness, and other such factors. By following these, I am pretty sure you will be able to bring out the femininity in you. 

How To Be More Feminine

Always Make Sure To Maintain Your Personal Hygiene 

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The first and foremost step that you need to follow on how to be more feminine is to take care of your hygiene. This basically means that you take care of basic details like your hair, your clothes, your nails, and other such things.

Groom Yourself 

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Another tip on how to be more feminine is to groom yourself. You definitely do not need hours and hours to maintain your hygiene and to groom yourself. All you need is to set aside about 20 minutes every day in the shower to keep up with your lady-like appearance. 

After you do this, you will look, smell, and feel much better. Use soap, shampoo, and toothpaste to achieve this. Also, do not forget to comb your hair and style them before leaving the house.

Remove Body Hair For Smooth Skin

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How to be more feminine? Shave that hair off of your body! One of the most traditional signs that are associated with femininity is being free of body hair. Make sure that you are regularly shaping your eyebrows and getting your upper lips done. 

Also, remove hair from your underarms, legs, and hands to keep your body hair invisible. There are several methods to achieve this and they can be used depending on what suits you the best. These methods include tweezing, waxing, threading, and shaving. 

However, getting rid of your body hair is a completely personal choice. You do not need to force yourself to get rid of your body hair if you do not want to.

Spray Perfume 

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Another tip on how to be more feminine is to use perfume. Spritz a good perfume all over yourself as this adds a touch of confidence in you and makes you smell and feel good. You can try for light, flowery, or fruity fragrances. However, if you are into something very strong, I would recommend that you go for woody fragrances.

Girly Clothing Style

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Another advice that you can easily follow on how to be more feminine is to wear girly clothes. Clothes also play a very huge role in shaping up your entire being. It can totally change your entire look and help you become who you really want to be. It gives you a sense of power and embodiment. 

Wearing a style that suits your personality can really bring out your true character. If you want to appear more feminine, try wearing clothes that can help you feel graceful and ladylike. 

This does not mean that you specifically have to stick to dresses and skirts; a pantsuit can also bring out the inner feminine in you. It is all about how you feel and how you present yourself.

Dress as per Your Silhouette

The one way to choose clothes for yourself is to look at your silhouette. As per the social norms, the most common sign of dressing like a female is by wearing skirts and dresses. 

However, any well-fitting and flattering clothing piece can bring out your inner feminity. Try to find out what works the best for you and your body shape. Whatever you decide to wear should make you feel good about yourself.

Make Use of Brighter Colors

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I love a pop of color. Wearing something bright can instantly change your entire mood and your whole persona. Vibrant colors and pretty pastel shades can definitely help bring out that femininity in you. Try to go for shades of lavender, blue, green, yellow, or red. These bright colors will also make you feel very happy and bubbly.

Try Out Different Patterns and Textures

Do not shy away from trying out different and unique print patterns and textures. You can go for soft prints or eye-catching patterns. Anything that contains lace, floral, silk, velvet, polka dots, and others can be used to make your style more feminine.

The Right Accessories Will Do The Trick

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I love accessories; these can instantly add that extra oomph factor to your whole look. Wearing the right kind of accessories with your clothes can definitely help you look phenomenal. You can try out heel shoes, scarves, handbags, hair accessories, or other minimal jewelry to help bring your entire look together. 

Wearing accessories that suits your personality can also help boost your confidence and make you feel extremely good about yourself.


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Another tip on how to be more feminine is to wear makeup. In today’s world, makeup is not specifically reserved for females. However, it is still largely dominated by females. Most women out there do not leave the house unless they have their makeup on. It is because makeup can help enhance your appearance and features. 

It also makes you look extremely attractive and boost your confidence. You can try out basic makeup such as a Foundation. eyeliner, mascara, powder, and lip gloss to enhance your beauty. You can also make use of other makeup products that include nail polishes, lipsticks, and eye shadows to take your makeup standard to a very new level. 

However, there is again no compulsion. You do not need to force yourself to apply makeup every single day. Makeup is a form of art so have fun when you are doing it, but do not do it just for the sake of the world.

HairStyles For The Win

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Playing with hairstyles does work wonders on how to be more feminine. It is not important that you need to have long hair to appear feminine. You can totally pull off the grace and beauty of being a female even with short hairstyles. 

What you need to do is to make sure that your hair, no matter the length, should be healthy and luscious. Try brushing and conditioning your hair regularly. 

You can also care for your hair by consuming a healthy diet. Try to oil your hair at least once a week. You can also apply hair treatment creams to give that extra nurture and care for your hair.

Be Self-Confident

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You can define being feminine in your own way. There is no one definition or concept. What works for you may not work for anyone else and vice versa. 

When you finally find your own definition of femininity, try to own it and show it to the world with complete confidence. Focus on what makes you happy as a female and portray that image. Do not try to conform to the rules of society and force yourself to follow what others believe to be feminine. 

Be comfortable in your own skin and your body. This will help boost up your confidence and will make you face the world without bowing down. Take care of yourself; sleep well, eat well, and take proper rest in order to feel confident. 

You can also include regular exercises in your routine in order to feel good about your body and to also gain better mental health.

Know Why Being Feminine Is Important To You

You need to know why do you want to make this change in yourself. There are several reasons why being feminine may be important to you and you need to find that. 

It may be because you feel very insecure about yourself and being feminine will add to your confidence. Whatever the reason may be, you need to have your own reason for wanting to change yourself and become more feminine. 

If you have a clear goal and a clear idea about what and why you want, you will be more focused on achieving it.

Good manners

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Proper etiquettes can really help you become more feminine. It also makes you very appealing and pleasing to people you interact with. Make sure you are always showing respect towards others. You also need to try and appreciate the people around you. If you treat people well, you will be treated the same way in return. 

Some of the basic etiquettes that you need to follow include: 

  • Always have a genuine smile on your face. 
  • Eat without keeping your elbows on the table. 
  • Learn to say Excuse Me, Please, and May I. 
  • Do not sneeze into your hands, always use a tissue. 
  • When you want to criticize or give negative feedback, try to find a kinder way to do so. 
  • Treat people kindly even when you are in a bad mood. 
  • Chew your food properly. 
  • Do not interrupt people when they are speaking. 
  • Keep the negative opinions to yourself. 
  • Do not ever stop yourself from complimenting people or giving them positive comments.

Strike The Right Posture

You need to maintain a very good posture in order to feel feminine. Keep your spine straight when you are sitting or walking. Your shoulders should be directly above your hips and your chin should be parallel to the ground. 

When you are sitting, make sure you are not exposing yourself when you are wearing short skirts or dresses. Keep your legs crossed. Sitting with your legs wide apart actually gives a very masculine vibe. 

You can also walk in a certain way to accentuate your figure and to show off your curves. Walk slowly and gracefully while taking lighter steps.

Empathize With Others

Being feminine also means being highly compassionate. Female figures are known to be full of empathy, wiseness, and nurturing abilities. People may think that these may be equal to weakness but that is not true at all. 

By being kind and considerate, you can help bring people together. As a great feminine lady, you can also easily recognize other people’s feelings and help them feel better. Some of the compassionate behaviors you need to follow for being feminine include the following:

  • Do not try to get into unnecessary conflicts. 
  • Be very respectful and polite to others.
  • Do not always think of yourself; think of how a problem may affect others as well. 
  • Try to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. 
  • Try to comfort others when they are in need. 
  • Do not judge without knowing the full story.

Fake It Till You Make It

These were some of the tips that can help you become more feminine in your life. You can try incorporating all of these different methods and see if you can finally bring about a change in yourself, but simply because you want to. 

Until you can do so. I highly recommend that you keep faking it until you finally get used to it. These changes are not something that can happen overnight. Keep doing it until you actually start to believe it. I hope these things totally help you bring out the feminine side that is hidden inside you.

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