how to become a classy woman

How to Become a High Class Woman | 10 Etiquettes To Follow Become A High Class Lady

If someone asked you what your definition of “classy” meant, what would you say? Who would you call the perfect “high class woman”? Is she someone who owns a million dollar mansion or someone who drives around in a Porsche? Or could it be a well-groomed elegantly dressed lady? Well, individual perspectives vary after all, right?

What does “classy” mean?

Irrespective of individual opinions and personal perspectives, even though many of you may tell me that this topic is debatable, there are certain characteristics of a person that speaks “class” and let’s be honest here, even you cannot deny that not every woman you see radiates that kind of a vibe! So what does classy actually mean then?

Well, there is no one characteristic that can define someone’s class, but class can be defined by adding a little bit of so many aspects into making it one complete whole – from integrity, to style, sophistication, etiquette, confidence, attitude, behaviour, self-esteem, elegance, to grace, to poise, the list is never ending and it just goes to show how much it takes for someone to be classy and maybe have someone look at you and say “Damn! She’s got class right there!” and yes! You sure can be “that” classy woman.

Now talking about class, there are no hard and fast rules nor are there any perfect characteristics, but there are for sure some general pointers you could follow in order to up your game. So if you are looking for that, we’ve got it covered!

How to Become a High Class Woman

Manners and etiquette

If any of you are confused thinking that etiquette was just an Oxford Dictionary synonym for manners, well, sorry to break it to you, they are two different things, but  yes, these words are often used interchangeably.

Manners are an internal manifestation of oneself, an expression of a person’s character, while etiquette is the external manifestation of a person’s character, how a person acts in a particular situation. 

For example: let’s say you’re at a dinner, how would you place your fork and knife on your plate once you’ve finished? Or say you’ve got your mouth full and someone asks you a question. Do you talk with food in your mouth? That is a big no, no! 

Well, you don’t need manners to do this, but you need to have the basic knowledge of table etiquette in this case. Well, I’m sure you now get the difference so let me move on to the next one.

The 3 P’s that show class in a Women – Posture, Punctuality, Promises

Posture: This aspect speaks a lot about a person. Posture is the way you hold yourself up when you are seated or when you are standing or moving around. Do you sit upright, walk straight or sit slouched, cross-legged and walk hunched and lazily? Well, I’m sure you get the point right? Remember your stance whenever you are in the public eye.

characteristics of a classy woman

Punctuality: People often say be on time. Well, that is amazing if you are someone who is always on time and if you cannot be on time, then be before time, never after! Yes, read it again! Come on, let’s be honest here, we all hate that one friend who is late for everything. So you don’t want to be that friend right?

Punctuality doesn’t just mean being late to the movies or for a party. Punctuality includes workplace punctuality like following deadlines, being on time for meetings, showing up at the time you’ve promised and so on.

basic lady etiquette tips

Promises: Be a person of one word and do not ever go back on your word once you’ve given it. It doesn’t speak class, if you do. Let me give you a simple example: Maybe you have promised to partner your friend in a competition, but you eventually find a stronger partner and ditch your friend just so you have better chances of winning the match with a stronger partner. That is downright wrong!


female etiquette

This one should go without saying, right? Doesn’t it feel weird seeing someone come unkempt to a formal gathering or even a casual one for that matter, with their hair all messy and their clothes shabby, looking like they’ve had a late night and currently recovering from a bad hangover?

 Well, you don’t have to doll-up and throw on layers of makeup or go to the beauty parlour to get your nails done, but following the basics of having well combed hair, wearing neatly pressed clothes, maintaining personal hygiene, having well-trimmed nails etc, is all part of the deal called class

Dressing elegantly

To put this one simply, I would put it this way – Dress right for the occasion. So say you’ve got a business meeting, go in formal attire. You’re going out to the beach or a party, wear casuals. But wearing a casual outfit in a formal setting will not speak well of you. 

Elegance not only includes dressing right but also dressing modestly or appropriately for the occasion. 

how to be a lady etiquette

So if you have any doubt, come overdressed or more like well-dressed, which may be a save for you, instead of showing up under dressed for an occasion and being like “Oh damn! I didn’t know that it was this big an event!” and you’re going to be seen around in a t-shirt and trousers. Quite awkward right?

Character and behavior

Character and behaviour have many aspects, so let me go ahead and put it down for you in the form of a few points and you can then get the gist.

Act and speak in a refined manner being mindful of the way you talk and the language you use.

Here are some general rules you should follow: 

  • Avoid self talk and boasting, rather show interest and be appreciative of others’ doings.
  • Stay away from gossip
  • Be polite 
  •  Stand up for what is right.
  • Do not act out of place, but act dignified
  • Make eye contact with the person you’re having a conversation with

Self-esteem and self-confidence

walking woman etiquette

You got this girl! You know you do. Hold your head up high and be confident in whatever you say or do (even though sometimes in certain situations your anxious insides will feel like a crumbling eggshell!). 

Self-esteem and self-confidence will take you places with no one questioning you. Do not let anyone take you for granted, because no matter how much someone else has your back, you will not grow until you got your own back. So trust yourself and believe you can do it and you will, if you persevere.

Being able to have a sophisticated conversation

Don’t we all love that one friend who can practically carry out a good conversation about anything and everything? Be it the news, lifestyle, fashion, technology, music, education, literature, science – you name it; she knows something about it. Maybe I can call her – the Jill of all subjects!

habits of a classy woman

This doesn’t mean you should know it all (because you’re obviously not Google!), but well, let me put it as being someone who is well-read, well-informed and up to date with the time, which is very important.

 Avoid excess public usage of cell phones

It is absolutely disgusting to be having a conversation with someone who is looking into their cell phone instead of making eye contact with you. Trust me, it definitely is something that can get on your nerves, big time!

So put your phone down, when in public! That is as straight-forward as it can get. Using your phone in a social setting can be extremely uncouth and rude. It simply goes to show the lack of respect you have for the people you are with. So if you are in company, give your full time and attention there.

Address people by their names

“Hello, excuse me, you, yes you, please come here”, is definitely not the way you’d like someone to call out to you, right? If you’re new to a certain place, address the person with a formal title like ‘Sir’, ‘Madam’, ‘Mr.’, Mrs.’, ‘Ms.’ (until you learn their name) and in the meanwhile, take some trouble in asking the person directly or finding out his/her name and then addressing the person by his/her own name.

Your name makes you who you are, because it is how you identify yourself among the others, which makes you unique. So addressing someone by their name, not only shows how respectful you are, but it builds a strong foundation for your relationship with the other person.

 Speak clearly and articulate well

It is very annoying to hear someone speak within their mouths right? It sounds like they are mumbling something incoherent and it automatically makes the person seem hesitant and unconfident of what they are saying. So speaking clearly, distinctly with good articulation will make you someone that everyone wants to hear.

So for all you ladies out there, who want to hear this or maybe need to hear this – “You got this girl!”. You are strong, capable and confident. Just believe in yourself and never let yourself down, not even for a moment!