how to cope with feeling unwanted

How To Cope With Feeling Unwanted | 5 Tips

Here are signs of feeling unwanted and how to cope with feeling unwanted. 

As humans, it is quite natural to feel unwanted and lonely. It is because we are built in such a way that we create connections with others. The connections we make are really evident in how we live. 

We have families, we create friendships, we live in communities, we fall in love, and we adopt and love our pets. Every relationship in our everyday life proves that humans are social creatures that love being connected to others. 

It is because of this need for connection, that it is also quite natural to feel lonely at times. Also, if you do not get the expected level of connection with others, you will feel unwanted. However, you can help yourself and not give up. Here is how to cope with feeling unwanted in order to feel better.

How to Cope With Feeling Unwanted

Express Your Feelings 

Make your voice heard. Every single time when you feel unwanted, make sure that you are talking about it; you also need to express your feelings and needs to those who are making you feel this way. 

It is quite possible that they may become defensive about this, They may also not like you being expressive, but if they have true feelings for you they will listen to you and work with you to help find the solution and better the relationship

Start The Connection 

If you feel like you are getting distant from your friends, family, or partner, try to act now and rebuild the connection. Do not wait for them to come to you, reach out to them and let them know what is happening. 

Do not wait for them to find the time to come to you. Call them or just send a message to spend some time together doing something you love. Even if you just have one hour to spare, grab that opportunity and do something to help you rebuild that bond. 

If you are in need of some human connection, you will always reach out to new people. There are several online groups that you can join to connect with like-minded people. If you continue to stay active in your effort to feel wanted, you will get a sense of satisfaction and this will be very effective. Do not always keep waiting for somebody to show you affection and connection.

Be Your Own Best Friend Feeling 

I think you may have heard this before but this is absolutely true and you should definitely implement this in your life. Do not wait for somebody else to want you; you need to love yourself before anybody else does. 

You do not have to worry about anybody else not validating your feelings or even if somebody does not want to spend time with you. Be your own best friend. It may not be very easy at first, but it will definitely be worth it once you learn to love yourself. 

It is very simple to be your own friend. Think of what you want your friendship to be like and do all of those things for yourself. Go out and do all the things you live even if you have to do it all alone. Do not wait for anybody else to give you company. 

Make sure you are constantly encouraging and motivating yourself. When you get success, be your biggest congratulator and make sure you are celebrating your success. Always be kind to yourself. 

A good friend is always there when you are in need and helps you. When you don’t have anybody, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Be honest with yourself.

Feeling Unwanted Should Never Define You 

It is very natural to feel unwanted and this is something that should not make you feel miserable. Feeling unwanted does not define you. These are temporary feelings that you can definitely get over. 

It is also okay to feel unwanted, but make sure you are not obsessing over it. This will just make matters worse and you need to stop when this happens; take the time to consider the things that you want to define you. 

If you are an artist, make sure you are creating art. If you are a musician, try to bring out new notes. If you love helping people go and do it.

You Can Find Fulfilment 

No matter how you are feeling, you can definitely become the best version of yourself. Do not just keep drowning in the misery of feeling unwanted, instead try to enhance the skills and qualities that you already possess. 

You can also try learning new skills or building new hobbies. Try to better yourself and invest time, energy, and money into yourself. Try to find your passion and also follow it. And you do not need anybody else to help you feel fulfilled; as I said before, be your own best friend and do what you love without needing anybody. 

When you feel accomplished with your skills and learning, you will realize that it is enough for you. It is very sad to feel unwanted. But I take this opportunity to open new doors for something better and happier. 

As you know when one door closes, the better and brighter one always opens up to you. Rest assured that better days are on the way for you.

Signs of Feeling Unwanted

#1– Feeling Unwanted In Toxic Relationships 

It is quite natural to feel unwanted in any relationship that you are in, whether it be close friends or family. There could be several reasons for you feeling unwanted; the most common reason for this is the lack of attention from the people you love the most. 

A sense of feeling unwanted may also come from the attention that is negative or harmful. The first thing that you need to make sure, if you are feeling unwanted in any relationship, is that it is not toxic. 

A toxic relationship is extremely harmful to you because the other person can be very abusive and manipulative. In a toxic relationship, the other person feeds on your pain and sorrow while manipulating you into believing that you are in the wrong. 

By doing all of this, they try to hurt you. If you ever find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship, the best thing to do is to cut off ties with that person and get help.

#2– Can You Be Feeling Unwanted Because of Anxiety? 

Anxiety is real and it can really make you feel unwanted. Because of your anxiety, you may feel like you are unworthy of love. Anxiety can come because of several reasons that include a lack of self-confidence or if you have a negative self-image. 

Having constant anxiety can lead you to overanalyze every single detail of your conversations with others. Doing this can plant unreasonable doubts in your mind about how the other person feels about you. 

If your anxiety is what is causing this feeling in you, take time to check on those feelings and see if these are truly based on the actions that you can see in others. Most of the time these doubts are just a result of anxiety.

#3– Feeling Unwanted In Family and Friend Relationships 

Friends and family can also make you feel unwanted because you think that they are ignoring you or distant from you. This basically happens because they are focused on their own lives. 

You may feel unwanted but there could be other reasons for them not giving you time. People lead a very busy and stressful life that leaves little time for them to reach out to you. This pattern, when continued, can leave you feeling unwanted and ignored by everybody. 

However, this is something that may not continue in the long run and so your situation may naturally improve. If this doesn’t happen, you can always take the first step and work with your friends and family to know what exactly is happening in your relationship. Recover your connections and build them with a very strong base.

#4– Feeling Unwanted In Romantic Relationships 

Being in a romantic relationship can make you feel unwanted so many times. This feeling can come in at any point of time in your relationship, whether it is new or you have been together for a very long time. 

Feeling distant and unwanted in a romantic relationship can be very painful. Just as with your friends and family, here also you may feel like your partner is not giving you the attention that you want. 

There are several other reasons for feeling unwanted in a romantic relationship. Maybe you feel like you are never heard by your partner or they do not need your opinions in any decision-making matter. Lack of emotional and physical intimacy may also cause this feeling of being unwanted. 

You should try working out your relationship with your partner and see if things improve. This will usually happen if they genuinely care about you. If they don’t, the best thing is to bid adieu to this relationship.

A Path To Fulfillment!

Feeling unwanted is a very natural emotion that is felt by almost all of us at some point in our life. When this happens, the strongest thing to do is to find ways to help cope up with that. I hope you like these tips that will help you on those days. All I would like to say is that these feelings are temporary and what you feel for yourself and how positively you encourage and motivate yourself is what defines you and that is what is going to help with this feeling