how to get rid of lip wrinkles naturally

How to Get Rid of Lip Wrinkles Naturally | 5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Lip Wrinkles At Home!

Want to know how to get rid of lip wrinkles naturally? Here are tips and tricks to reduce lip wrinkles naturally. Check it out!

Well, there are two possible reasons why you’ve clicked on this article. Let me guess? Either you’re someone curious to know more about this quite unheard of topic “lip wrinkles” (yes, you read the title right! It is a real thing!) or maybe you’re someone who desperately wants to get rid of them!

Either way, you’re on the right page because this article is going to let you in on all the possible information on how to get rid of lip wrinkles naturally and answer all your questions! Let’s dive in!

How To Get Rid Of Lip Wrinkles Naturally

If you’re starting to look way older than your age, you might want to do something about it. Luckily we’ve got that covered, here’s what you can do –

Exfoliate Your Lip Using Lip Scrubs To Reduce Lip Wrinkles

I’m sure many of you must have tried using an exfoliating scrub for your face or body, because it helps get rid of dead skin cells, while also promoting better blood circulation in the skin. Exfoliation will also help boost collagen production in the skin.

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Well then, the reason why you should use an exfoliating lip scrub is clear! The more the blood flow and blood circulation, the more nourished your skin cells will be. The more the collagen production in your skin, the lesser the chances of you developing lip wrinkles. Yes! It is that simple!

There are plenty of DIY lip scrubs you can make with simple ingredients at home. So try using a lip scrub and get ready to see results sooner.

Consumption Of Collagen Boosting Foods Reduces Lip Wrinkles

There are two types of collagen in the body: Endogenous collagen (which is naturally present within the body and it is synthesized by our bodies itself) and Exogenous collagen (which comes from sources outside the body, like from the food we eat or collagen supplements). 

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So as we age, the endogenous collagen production decreases and we need to resort to external methods to promote collagen production in our bodies.

For those who consume the right kinds of collagen rich foods, do not require collagen supplements. Here are some collagen rich foods – fruits (citrus fruits, tropical fruits like guava, kiwi, pineapple, avocado, mango); vegetables (garlic, leafy greens, beans, tomatoes, bell peppers) and other food items like cashew nuts, bone broth, egg whites, chicken, fish and shellfish, berries and flax seeds.

Moisturizing And Hydration Can Help Reduce Lip Wrinkles

We often use moisturizers for our face and completely forget about moisturizing our lips. Using lip moisturizers can help reduce skin dryness and help maintain your lip plumpness and suppleness while retaining its youthful look even as you age. 

So here’s a quick tip – whenever you apply a lip moisturizer on your lips (even if it is just once a day), you can gently massage your lips for a minute or so, using circulation motions just by using your fingertip. 

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This will help promote better blood circulation in the skin and promote collagen production to reduce premature lip wrinkle formation.

Use Lip Balms With SPF To Avoid Lip Wrinkles

I am sure there are many of you out there who use sunscreen as part of your every day skin care routine, but sunscreen for the lips? Sounds absurd? Unheard of before? Well, this one’s as clear as its name suggests “sunscreen”, or shielding the skin from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays which is another cause of lip wrinkle formation.

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So yes, lip balms with SPF are for sure available; all you need to do is find the right one for your skin type. Simple right? But before you do so, let me give you a few tips which you need to consider when buying one (and yes, you can thank me later). So here you go:

  • Look for water-resistant lip balms with SPF: Now when considering this, it is first important to know that there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Lip balms aren’t waterproof, but can be water-resistant, which means that in case your body comes in contact with water or if you sweat excessively, the lip balm will remain on for some time before it can get wiped off and you would have to reapply.
  • Reapplication: This tip is very important as the lip balm will last depending on your lip’s exposure to water or sweat. So, reapplication is very essential to gain the maximum benefit of using the lip balm with SPF, especially if you are one exposed to sunlight for long hours.
  • Consider using lip balms with SPF 15 and above: Usually whether it is for your facial skin or for the lips, a sunscreen with SPF 30 is generally used (with reapplication of course). But for the skin, the common ones available are lip balms with SPF 15 or SPF 20, which are still considered useful and protective.
  • Hydrating lip balms: Consider buying lip balms which have SPF properties in addition to two important agents – humectants (like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, glycerin etc) and emollients (like shea butter, petroleum jelly, natural oils etc) which can help moisturize the lip skin and lock in the moisture for longer hours.

Facial Muscle Workouts Can Help Reduce Lip Wrinkles

Just how we have different workouts that target specific areas of our body like our abs, calf muscles, biceps, triceps and quadriceps, to tone our bodies and maintain skin firmness, similarly, we have facial muscle workouts (sometimes also known as facial yoga) which can help tone out and provide firmness to the facial skin. 

These facial muscle workouts help the blood circulation which automatically increases during exercise and can stimulate the production of the skin’s natural oils (which decreases as we age), that contribute significantly to the skin’s aging process or in this case, one of the causes of developing lip wrinkles.

What are lip wrinkles?

If you’ve noticed fine lines forming on your skin, you would have probably guessed you’ve become a victim of wrinkle formation. The same theory is applicable to lip wrinkles (often also known as lip lines). These are lines that form on your lips and they aren’t very easy to cover up. So if you think your concealer is going to do the job and make your skin look picture perfect, well, it may not always! 

Lip wrinkles form as fine vertical lines on the lips and usually span your entire lips and that’s why especially for those who often wear lipstick, you might find it getting stuck in the lip wrinkle crevices.

Can both men and women get lip wrinkles?

The answer to this question is definitely a yes! But (yes, there’s always a clause), women are more prone to developing lip wrinkles because of a major factor apart from the others and that is women having lesser or fewer sebaceous glands compared to men. I’m sure many of you may have this question in mind as to “what do sebaceous (sweat) glands have to do with lip wrinkles?’. Well, your body’s sebaceous glands are those glands that produce the body’s natural oil that helps maintain skin elasticity and keeps the skin soft and moisturized naturally.

Causes of Lip Wrinkle Formation

  • Collagen deficiency can cause Lip Wrinkles

As we age, the amount of collagen produced by the body decreases. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies and is extremely beneficial to all aspects of beauty and health. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons and makes up one-third of the protein found in the human body. 

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It is the substance that provides structure and strength to the body and holds the body together. It is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and hence when the levels of collagen decreases, the higher the chances of lip wrinkles developing.

  • Overexposure to Sunlight Can Cause Lip Wrinkle Formation

Skin is skin right? So why does lip skin get affected so easily when exposed to sunlight? Well, the skin on our lips is relatively more delicate as compared to the skin on the rest of our bodies.  

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The number of layers of skin on the lips is much lesser, making it more prone to damage. Therefore, this causes our lips to go through a process called ‘photoaging’, which is the premature aging of skin because of the skin’s overexposure to sunlight, to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which alter the skin’s normal structure.

Smoking Causes Lip Wrinkles

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This one may be something you’ve heard before. So like you’ve read earlier in this article, collagen plays an important role for skin elasticity and when the production of collagen decreases, the repetitive act of puckering your lips while smoking will increase the formation of lip wrinkles, in addition to the lip’s exposure to the cigarette’s burning heat.  This is also because the lack of collagen weakens the lip skin’s fibres.

The final takeaway

So here’s a short takeaway. For all those of you who are victims of lip wrinkles, worry not, because there are ways to reduce them naturally. Considering lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and eating the right diet will definitely help. 

Also remember that your facial workouts are just as important as your body ones, so take time out to do them as often and yes, next time you shop for a facial sunscreen, don’t forget to throw in a lip balm which contains SPF, so your lips do not have to bear the brunt of you having an enjoyable beach day!