How To Improve Your Dressing Style

How to Improve Your Dressing Sense

Looking for tips on how to dress better? Here’s a guide on how to improve your dressing sense. Check it out!

We curated some quick easy-to-follow thumb rules for anyone looking to elevate their dressing sense. Read on to find out what resonates with your fashion mantra.

How to Improve our Dressing Sense

Self awareness is the first step: Know what You like and know what You look good in

Basically, know yourself. Know what looks good on you, know what is the right size for you, know which colours suit you, and ultimately know what you like! Personal contentment and comfort is everything!

When hanging out with colleagues or just walking down the street, if an outfit catches your eye, ask yourself why it did. Was it well-curated? Did you feel like you could pull it off too? Or was it just plain bad. It could have also been the colours that the person wore, or the way the fabric complemented (or not) their body.

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Both are important – good and bad criticism of clothing. Do not discard such thoughts as banal, for these are an important step towards dressing smartly yourself.

Also identify the parts of yourself that you like, the parts that you are most confident about. In this way, you will be able to pick clothes that accentuate these parts the most.

It is always great to follow celebrities and influencers whose style and sense of fashion you like or admire. Inspiration comes from the most surprising of places, and always keeping in touch with the personal stylist side of you is the best way to evolve as a well-dressed individual.

The fit is more important than the tag

As opposed to what you might hear a lot, the price of your outfit or dress genuinely does not matter! It is always the fit that makes or breaks the deal.

You could be shopping directly off of a fashion designer’s summer collection, or could be picking up vintage shirts from thrift stores on the street, but if it does not fit you right, then the price and label of the outfit is as good as insignificant.

Buying readymade clothes and getting them to fit right is quite a task. But often,once you understand your body type and understand what looks good on you, you will know exactly the kind of cuts and fits at first glance, that will help enhance your appearance.

how to improve dressing style

A great life skill in this context is knowing how to stitch, even just the basics. That way, you can try on the clothes, and alter it to fit you just right. You will be saving a lot of money and hassle with this thumb rule.

Pick clothes that complement your body type

No, your size does not matter. All body types are beautiful in their own unique way. But what does matter is dressing according to your body. Dress in a way that brings out the best curves and features of your body.

  • For apple shaped body type

Your bust is heavier than your hip, and you are smaller on the hip and legs region, and have broad shoulders. In such a case, go for outfits that might help elongate your appearance, like an A-line, v-neck tee, peplum tops or turtle necks that basically take the attention away from your midriff.

  • For pear shaped body type

You have a fuller waist and hip, but narrow bust. Your butt and thighs are quite prominent as compared to the rest of your body. Go for high waist pants, fit and flares, and lightweight flowy garments like wrap dresses, skirts and sundresses.

  • For hourglass shaped body type

You have a narrow waist, and your hips and bust are somewhat of equal proportion. This is more of a balanced body type. In such a case, outfits that enhance your waist look great, and so do crop tops and jackets. Bodycons are a great option for this body type.

  • For rectangular and inverted triangle body types

In case of a straight body type where your bust, waist and hip are fairly of the same width, you will fall under the rectangular body type persona. Another type is an inverted triangle where your shoulders are broader than the rest of your body. In such cases, focus on your neckline. Sweetheart necklines look especially lovely.

What also matters is dressing consciously to your skin tone. This becomes especially important when it comes to picking up the right shades of lipstick, and just makeup in general.

Stock up on your basics first

If you are looking for a complete change and/or improvement, build your wardrobe from scratch. Start from the basics.

For men: two denim bottoms – one black one blue. Classic trousers – a grey and a neutral (maybe khaki?). And most importantly, shirts and v-neck tees! White and Black roll-up sleeves, and some colours that are a sure-short compliment to your skin tone and body type.

For women, same as men, but add a couple or more dresses – a bodycon, a summer dress, a gown -for different occasions. Remember to pick outfits based on your body type!

Stock up on sweaters, jackets, shorts and tops based on the climate of your location of residence.

Picking the right colour palette

Make sure you have a balance of casual, experimental, and extravagant – all of these are important in life! Have a range of neutrals and classic colours that go with anything, and can be worn for almost everything.

If something different from your ordinary style and colour palette catches your eye, do not hesitate to pick it up. You will never know what works for you until you actually try it on, and colours are an especially fun way to figure out your personal style.

Also have a few outfits in colours that stand out, like a shade or two that you got compliments for, at a particular party. An uncommon shade that you can pull off better than most other people is a great way to feel confident and comfortable at a social event.

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Pay heed to the dress code

Always dress occasion-appropriate. Wearing a gown to the workplace or a summer dress to an Indian wedding are fashion faux pas you would want to avoid.

Be it your quotidian of working out, and hitting your office, or a weekend out.

Stick to formals for the workplace, comfortable and sweat resistant wear for working out, and laidback casuals for the weekend. Do not try to mix and match, and play around with mutually agreed social dress codes.

Footwear matters

Your footwear can make or break your look! A good, clean pair of shoes or sneakers (depending on the occasion) can do wonders for most outfits.

Much like clothes, also make sure you have one pair of all the basic footwear – slippers, sandals, formal wear (shoes or heels), sports shoes, and maybe even a pair of sneakers.

Using one type for some misplaced purpose, like heels or sandals for running, not only looks bad, but will also lead to unnecessary wear and tear of the footwear.

Comfort is everything

We cannot emphasize this enough, but comfort is actually everything! If you are comfortable in an outfit, you are already halfway there.

Do not sacrifice your comfort for style, it will only be counter-productive. If you look uneasy in your outfit, then no matter how well-curated, there is no point to it.

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Do not forget your confidence (and a smile)

In line with the previous pointer, if you look confident in your outfit, then you are instantly glowing. Pick clothes that sit well with you, your body shape, and your sense of comfort. And once done, make sure you feel confident about it. This becomes especially important when going for a formal event or an interview, your outfit can do half your job of making a good impression if you know how to work it!

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And like most things it can fix, your smile can fix our outfit! Confidence, comfort and a charming smile are 20% of your look right there.


Despite the burgeoning amount of dressing rules and codes to follow, we need to remember that most fashion trends and styles and crazes start with an innocent experiment (or even an accident).

So whether or not you stick to these tips is up to you, but never avoid experimenting and having fun with your sense of style. Always pick up something wacky, try it on, or even purchase it! Regretful investments are still worthy investments, and they always make for a good story (or a style tip!).

Enjoy the process, and your desired dressing style will come along on its own.