how to make your face slimmer

How To Make Your Face Slimmer | 12 Ways To Lose Fat In Your Face

Wondering how to make your face slimmer? Check it out here!

How often do you look at the mirror and regret seeing the puffiness and fats on the facial area?

Ageing is inevitable, and as we age our muscles start to sag, also we tend to put on weight as our body metabolism changes. However, there are certain things we are in control of and certain things we cannot be in control of. For example, our genes determine our facial shape. Whether it is round, oval, wobbly jowls, broad jawlines or sharp features. 

The other factors that can lead to a puffy or bloated face may be water retention, swelling or consumption of alcohol. We have listed easy methods and exercises to lose facial weight.

Although it is always advisable to lose overall fat if at all losing weight is a priority or a need for you, however, if it is a major concern we after thorough research on this matter have curated different ways and methods you can use to make your face slimmer.

Here are few effective methods to help you make your face slimmer

How To Make Your Face Slimmer 

Start with facial exercises

Adding facial exercises to your daily routine will not only help you make your face slimmer but also improve blood circulation and the texture of your facial skin.

If you practice facial exercises at least twice and a day it may increase the muscle thickness and reduce face fat.

There are various exercises involved like blowing of air from the left to the right cheek. Stretching your chin out and in, puckering of lips, holding your smile while you bite are few effective ways.

How often should you be doing it?

You can do the facial exercises every day throughout the week as it consumes a very minimal of your time and you do not have to make so much of an effort. You can do the exercises while you are driving or stuck in traffic while watching television or simply taking a walk.

Let us look into a few facial exercises in detail so we could practice them every day and gain maximum benefit and quicker results from the same.

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  • Cheekbone lift exercise for the face 

Who doesn’t want a defined cheekbone? Make a fish face and stretch by looking upward while you tilt your head back and push your face up towards the sky, hold the position for 15 seconds and bring it back to position A. You can do this 15 sets every day whenever you are watching tv or just casually chilling.

  • Puff press exercise for the face

Fill your mouth with air and move it from one side of the cheek to the other, hold position and release. You can do these 30 sets every day.

  • Jawline stretching for the face

We all love to define jawlines and for most, it is known to be a popular way a face is judged. Someone with a sharp jawline is always appreciated. You can make the bloat go away and add defined jaws by tilting your head back as if you are staring at the sky. Then stretch your jaw muscles as far as possible, you can feel the stretch around the ear, hold it for 20secs and back to position A. Do this exercise at least 30 sets every day.

  • Cheek squeeze exercise for the face 

To do this exercise squeeze your cheek in and hold it for 5 seconds and then release it to position A. You bet you will have amazing cheeks post-exercise. Do this exercise 20 sets this will help you in fat burn.

  • Lift the fold on your cheek

As you smile hold that position and press the cheek on your cheek. Lift the muscle while pressing down the fingers to encourage resistance, it will help in strengthening your cheek muscles and make it appear plump. Do this exercise 25 to 30 sets every day.

The beauty of facial exercises is that you can customize and create your workout routines by determining the target area and play alongside it. This also helps in relaxing and muscle toning besides sculpting. It specifically works in areas of muscle tension and helps to keep the skin rejuvenated. 

Benefits of facial exercises to slim down face 

  • Helps in skin tightening and blood circulation
  • Helps in facial muscle relaxation
  • Helps in toning of the defined edges 
  • Makes skin appear healthy
  • Helps with bloating of the face
  • Relaxes the facial muscles 

The face has about fifty muscles which are not used so often except for when we are talking or singing or laughing. However, we do not use our facial muscles as much. Performing these exercises will help to reduce face fat and keep the skin looking fit and healthy by replenishing the oxygen supply which is important for facial muscles.

Watch your salt intake

While you are practising facial exercises you should always remember to keep a check on your salt intake. Sodium tends to lead to bloating or makes your face appear puffy because of water retention. You might want to stop consuming any processed or frozen food as it tends to have high preservatives.

Reduce Alcohol consumption

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You should stop or cut down on alcohol consumption. Alcohol is rich in sugar and low in nutrients. Consumption of alcohol also affects the skin and health, while you may enjoy a drink or two occasionally do not forget to keep a check on the calorie count. 

Stay away from refined carbs

If you want to get a slimmer face you should cut down on refined carbs as it is low in nourishment and full of sugar and calories. Refined carbs are also available as fast food and we do love our burgers and fries. If you aim to have a healthy slim face, you need to cut down on that.

Involve cardio in your workout 

We know cardio makes us sweat, involving cardio in your daily workout schedule can help you lose fat from the facial area. Make sure you do a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of cardio every day to increase fat loss by burning as many calories as possible.

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Include fibre rich diet 

You should consume food rich in fibre as this not only helps you lose fat but also keeps you fuller for a longer time preventing you from binge-eating. Food rich in fibre such as pulses, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts helps you attain energy and keeps you full. You should consume at least 20 to 30 grams of fibre every day to help lose fat.


You must have heard or read this almost everywhere but it is indeed true water is very good for your skin as it helps to take away the toxins and clears your system. Consume at least 3 to 4 litres of water every day to help you lose fat and keep your skin healthy, if you consume water right before a meal you tend to decrease the calorie intake which is again great for fat loss this will help you slim down the face.

Cut down sugar

You should cut down on consumption of sugar and by that, we also mean cutting down of aerated drinks or drinks which are carbonated as it contains a high amount of sugar, coffee and tea consumption can be kept to about two cups a day with low sugar or no sugar at all.

Sleep well

As simple as it may sound, often face puffiness or bloating is due to lack of rest and more stress. It is therefore important to maintain a fixed routine and sleep at least 6-8 hours every day.

Coldwater treatment

You can try this quick and easy method to do away with facial puffiness and make it appear slimmer. Get a bowl of ice and let it melt, now wrap a towel around your neck and simply place your face in the cold water. This works wonders to reduce bloating and keeps your skin fresh and healthy. 

Anti-inflammatory diet

Consume food that is rich in anti-inflammatory properties like blueberries, broccoli, spinach, turmeric, cauliflower, kale, fish oil. You can also consume yoghurt and probiotic drinks to keep your gut healthy. This helps you with overall health wellness and will help you reduce facial fat. 

Kick start with cardio and weight training 

Cardio only helps you lose fat, but it also helps in boosting metabolism, it helps to cut down fats on the face area as well. While you lose fat you would want to include strength training exercise as well as this helps in tightening and strengthening muscles. 

You can begin with 60 mins of cardio training and aerobics and strength training. You can then target smaller muscle groups like chest, legs, arms and face by strength training with enough rests in between the sets. This not only helps you lose fat but also strengthens your muscles for a defined look.

The optimal way to lose weight would be by mixing all of the above in subsequent time and making a workable routine around it so it becomes an enjoyable process. Also, it is important to keep in mind losing the fats will take some time and you should keep yourself determined and motivated.

You can use the above methods to reach your target goal while keeping in mind to love and appreciate what you have now while you work towards your desired goal.