How To Spread Positivity Around You | 12 Simple Things To Do To Spread Positivity!

Here’s how to spread positivity around you all the time! We broke it down into 12 simple things to do. Check it out!

We can all think of a time when someone’s words or actions were hurtful and disheartening. It might have even been a seemingly insignificant matter, but it might have had a pretty huge impact on how the rest of your day went.

We could all use some positivity in our lives in a world where aggression, bad faith and an overwhelming pandemic is rampant. We may not realise the kind of effect that we have on other people’s lives, but if we go out of our way to make that effect positive, it could make things a whole lot better for everyone.

It always feels great to know that there are people who care about you, and that everything is going to be just fine.

So here are few ways through which we can all ensure that the people we encounter have a good, nay, great day!

How To Spread Positivity Around You

Check-In on loved ones

As time-consuming and all-encompassing social media is, it is a double edged sword; it does not stray away from its primary purpose – staying connected. You can now know what your friend from a decade ago is upto, but you can also be in the dark about one of your close ones going through a tough phase.

So check-in on friends and family regularly, and pay a visit once in a while.

While some people prefer pouring their heart out at a given opportunity, some require a little push to be able to open up. And especially given that this pandemic has brought with it a host of isolating and traumatic conditions, it is always good to pick up your phone, not to doomscroll on Instagram, but to drop a text, call, facetime or skype someone you care about.

Express your gratitude

In line with the checking-in tip, tell that someone why you are grateful to have them in your life. It could be something as small as grateful for their song recommendation to being grateful for them being around when you needed someone the most.

While gratitude is a good personal exercise, it also lifts up the mood of the person receiving it. It is encouraging to those who make it a point to spread happiness and support among other people.

Hence, a small ‘thank you’ does a lot more good than you think. So go ahead, write that thank you card, or ring someone up and tell them that you appreciate their efforts!

Draw Cute Quotes for passersby

This is actually a very fun and enjoyable way of spreading some smiles and cheers. While we aren’t encouraging vandalism in any way, You could use a chalk to write positive messages on the sidewalk, or make a cute poster or two and put them up outside your house at a palace where passersby can see.

You never know when someone is having a bad day, and a cute unexpected message can put a smile on their face.

Here are a few messages to get you started – Have a lovely day / You look great / Kill that interview / You’ve got this / Smile and Shine / Sending some rainbows and sunshine your way / This too shall pass.

These will not only make someone else’s day, just putting a smile on their face will make yours too!

Kindness goes a long way

Think about all the times when someone has been kind to you.

Little things like a stranger patiently giving you directions, letting you get ahead in a line because you were in a hurry or holding the door open for you. Also more significant instances of your friends going out of their way to make sure you feel okay, or cancelling their day to take care of you when you are sick, or just giving seemingly small advice which changed your outlook on life.

Such instances tend to touch us and help us in significant ways on significant days, but we often forget to acknowledge them. The first step is to appreciate such gestures. The second would be to return such favours.

Think about it from a more universal perspective. Everytime an act of kindness is bestowed upon you by a stranger or a friend, return the gesture by being kind to a stranger or friend. This would not only bring happiness to the other person involved, but it will also be an extremely fulfilling activity that you do for yourself.

Put up lights

Nothing lights a person’s day, than lights itself! Put up lights whether or not it is Christmas, bring out your little white lights and put them up outdoors. If you like lanterns, hang them on your window. You could light little candles for when someone is coming over as well! Everyone loves to see a little twinkle of light in the dark.

Write Letters and cards

Sure, texts can do the job just fine, but nothing brings a smile to the face like a good old letter or postcard.

You can use cards and letters to write thoughtful messages to friends, or just as a way to check in on your parents on how they are doing. Such mindful gestures pave the way for surprises and a more indulgent kind of happiness that one gets from seeing a kid’s drawing on a postcard, or a handwritten note.

Some ideas for cards and letters include – festive greetings, appreciation note, gratitude note, to tell someone how much you love or miss them, or even just a ‘have a lovely week’ message.

A fun way to do this would also be to hide surprise notes in your significant other’s or child’s lunchbox, hat, or book that he or she is reading right now. Something that will take you just about a minute, will leave them smiling for the entire day.

Help the elderly

Nothing is as rewarding as helping the elderly. Pick up their purchases when you go to the grocery store, help them cross the road, or merely just strike a conversation with them. There is a lot to learn from everyone,and old people know and understand the world better. And to be of aid to them, and to help them will by itself be an extremely gratifying activity for you.

They are extremely welcoming and kind, and before you know it, you will have a bunch of wise friends helping you find your way in life!

Help in little ways

Apart from elders, also offer to help your friends and neighbours too. If you are going to pick up groceries, ask them if they need anything. Give them a hand if they are moving house, arranging dinner for a get together, or cleaning up after a party.

Extending such harmless gestures to anyone and everyone might go unnoticed in the hullabaloo of things, but they make a huge difference.

Compliment People

When has a compliment ever not made someone feel good about themselves. Compliments are a great way of letting someone know that they are good at what they are doing and that you have noticed their efforts.

Telling someone they are doing a good job, or that you love their outfit or hair will instantly uplift the person’s mood. You can do this to a random stranger on the street or to your mom to tell her how much you appreciate her.

We often keep these thoughts to ourselves and voice them very rarely, but this hesitancy must go because there is absolutely no harm that comes from giving out compliments!

Do not dump your negativity onto other people

We all tend to do this a lot without realising the effect this might have on other people. When you are having a bad day and are feeling down in the dumps, try to keep the negativity to yourself.

Do not try to bring everyone else we encounter throughout the day down with you, just because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day. Make a conscious choice to not weigh down on everyone else when you are having a bad day.

If all you have, to contribute to a conversation or situation, is negativity, then choose silence. Alternatively, this does not mean you bottle everything in. If you feel that a lot of things are piling up and that the world is closing in on you, then by all means, call a loved one and let it out. It happens to the best of us, and everyone understands a rough patch.

But remember that one of the key ways of spreading positivity is by keeping the negativity to yourself.


There is no easier way of spreading positivity than just smiling! It is a non-verbal and reassuring way of saying ‘everything will be okay’. Think about a time when you were having a bad day, did the vacant stares of people on the street make you feel better? Sending a warm smile at someone is a great way to make a difference in their current disposition, whatever it may be.

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