jumbo box braids

15 Amazing Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles 2022

We all love our hair braided. Be it dainty french braids, or the more vibrant african braids. Jumbo braids are one such hairstyle, except it perhaps requires the least effort, and is equally elegant, chic and modern all at the same time. While getting your hair braided is only the first step, it is important that you also style them in such a way that they reflect your personal style and identity.

We have curated a quick list of the different ways in which you can style your jumbo braids. So go ahead, sneak a peek, and pick the hairstyle of your choice. Or even better, include multiple ones in your jumbo braid hairstyle rotation.

Stylish Jumbo Box Braids hairstyles

The Classic Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids are nothing but bigger, thicker braids. This is done by using larger sections and partitions of your hair to create braids. This makes your overall process easier as it utilises more braiding hair. Unlike smaller braids, they don’t weigh down on your scalp, they are low maintenance and long lasting as well. And most importantly, jumbo braids are a great way to break from routine, by saving significant time and making a statement at the same time.

Jumbo Braid with Gold Cuffs

Braiding, or even styling your hair can get quite monotonous after a while. A good way to get out of the rut is to accessorise. When it comes to Jumbo Box Braids, you can add some gold cuffs to your braids to jazz it up. Jumbo Braids with gold cuffs go brilliantly with an animal print outfit, or even an outfit that falls in the white spectrum (maybe an ivory bodycon dress). Gold is equally glamorous and understated, if styled appropriately, so make the best of it!

Jumbo box Braids hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Jumbo Braids

Making gorgeous updos with your braids is a great way to style them. Half up half down half buns, space buns, twisted buns, halo type hair updos, and even a plain but classy high bun look great with jumbo box braids. If we had to recommend one style, it would be the high half-up bun. The top of your head will have a bun with the main part of your hair secured in a bun while the other braids are left loose. It combines the two most gorgeous ways to show off jumbo braids.

Yellow Jumbo Braids

Yellow coloured jumbo braids are a huge shout these days. The braid pattern brings out different designs if you hair is in shades more than one, and especially yellow has a very nice summery vibe. You can also go for two-tones or multiple-tones as they can define your braids further, so maybe a few yellow streaks or more yellow less natural hair colour. Yellow hair colour can also be quite camp, if you are into over the top fashion, occasionally or all the time. So feel free to style the yellow box braids with some cute colour block Y2K tops, or even some formals or a gown to elevate your look.

Pink Jumbo Braids

If yellow does not appeal to you too much, you could go for a candy pink, hot pink or barbie pink hair colour. Since Kpop took the world by storm, pink has become even more popular and trendy among the masses. And a pink jumbo box braid is just the way to embrace your personal style and wear your fun, whimsical personality on your sleeve.

Jumbo Braids in a Bob

Your jumbo box braids will look adorable (and elegant) on a bob hairstyle. If you already have short hair, getting your hair woven into jumbo braids is a great way to get creative with your hair. Make sure you use some leave-in conditioner and hair spray to hold the braids and your entire hairstyle in place. Jumbo braids are typically associated with long hair, but braids on a bob haircut defy fashion conventions in the most whimsical way. What’s more, this look is ideal for your summer adventures!

Auburn and Black Jumbo Braids

Unlike more vibrant colours like yellow or pink, auburn, or any shade of brown for that matter, look understated yet trendy. If you have your hair coloured brown, or even a few streaks, or just the tips, then jumbo box braids are a great way to show them off. What’s more, because it is braids, the browns and blacks merge beautifully as two-tone colours look super cool. Plus, they also add another layer of dimension to your style.

Jumbo Braids in a Top Knot

Another way to wear your jumbo box braids is to go for a top knot. A top knot is casual, and whimsical. And with braids involved as well, it looks really stylish, be it a laid back weekend outing, or a party, or even a formal event. If your hair is especially unruly or frizzy, make sure you secure your top knot with bobby pins. And before that, secure your braids with some hair spray.

Light Brown Jumbo Braids

If you want to start from the normal, and if brown is too basic for you, you could go for light brown coloured jumbo box braids. They are just as elegant, but will have a more contemporary vibe to them.

Jumbo box Braids hairstyles to try out

Ombre Jumbo Braids

You could go further down the shade card by getting ombre Jumbo Box Braids, where your roots will be on the darker side and it will slowly fade to a soothing cream colour on the edges. The ombre Jumbo Braids are as alluring as they sound. The slow gradient from dark to light is extremely satisfying to create, to pull off, and to even look at!

Jumbo Braids with Golden Thread

Golden thread, like golden cuffs, are a great way to add some glitter and glamour to your jumbo box braids. Add a couple golden threads to your hair by knotting them or attaching them onto your strands, and then start braiding. This way the golden thread will weave in and out of the hairdo, and they will shimmer in an understated manner as they show up every now and then. Make sure your hair looks nice and glossy by misting them with a shine spray.

Extra Long Jumbo Braids

Really long hair can be quite tough to maintain, especially if you need to style it on a daily basis. In fact, it is quite exhausting even. This is where African box braids come into the picture. These braids are such that they can stay in place for days together, which means that with just a little bit of care, you can have a peaceful streak of braid hairstyles for a week or even longer. And even more so with extra long jumbo braids, as they are not only very practical, but look incredibly chic.

Side Swept Jumbo Braids

The general side swept style, for starters, is a great way to wear your hair by itself, braid or no braid. Side swept jumbo box braids are an even better way to flaunt your style. Braid your hair as you will as usual, and then sweep them off to a side. Make sure you keep your front laid with a non-flaky edge control gel.

You can jazz it up with some accessories as well, like some golden accents, glittery threads, or even cuffs. Side swept jumbo braids look especially edgy and cute with short hair. And with long hair, if nothing, side swept jumbo braids are a great way to keep the hair out of your face while also looking very elegant.

Jumbo braids with Undercut

Another way to spice up your Jumbo braids is by wearing them high (like a top knot, high bun or space buns) and flaunting an undercut! If you get an intricate pattern, which by themselves are jaw dropped, pairing them with your jumbo box braids will further elevate your look and give it a unique finish. This hairstyle makes way for a complete makeover, because let’s face it, that’s all we want these days; and fret not, as it is definitely worth the change. Once you get an undercut, you can tie your jumbo braids into gorgeous updos to flaunt your lines, patterns and designs. And given how long lasting jumbo braids are, you could pick a different style everyday. from a l classic ponytail to an effortless ‘top of the head’ bun, there are so many styles to choose from!

accessorise your Jumbo box Braids

Headscarves and other Accessories

We have already spoken about golden cuffs and threads. But apart from that, there are still so many options of accessorising your jumbo box braids to suit any occasion, which will further add more character to your hair. Covering a high bun with a printed, silk or satin headscarf is our forever favourite way to accessorise braids. Bandanas are yet another brilliant idea if you are looking to style up your braids. You can always get some hippie bohemian beads woven into your box braids. You can also get crystal clear beads for your hair to make the ebay out of braid accessories. Be creative and mix it up to create your individualistic look!