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15 Life Goals Examples You Need To Know!

We made a list of life goals examples for you to include in your list. Check it out!

Life is something that we take as it comes to us. However, we all have dreams and aspirations and they most often come to us in the form of life goals. Setting goals are ways to achieve successes and everything else that we have ever dreamt of. 

It can be quite difficult for us to balance out everything in our life, including our life goals and everything else that we want to accomplish. But there are just two things we need to take care of when we are trying to make it happen: effort and focus. 

The journey of trying to achieve and complete our life goals is beautiful in itself. Setting life goals for ourselves and trying to accomplish them can help us enjoy and embrace the journey and everything that we face in it. 

Getting to the end of our goals and accomplishing them also makes us proud and excited. If you are not yet sure what exactly your life goals should be, here are some of the life goals examples that you can also include in your list.

Life Goals Examples 

There are some life goals that are common for absolutely everyone. These are a great way to start your journey into improving your life and getting things done. If you want to significantly make changes in your life, you can always try out completing these simple life goals.

Read Everyday

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Reading is extremely underrated, but believe me, reading a little every day can totally change your entire life. You do not have to complete one whole book in a day or a week; you can start by reading only 20 pages every day. Once you get into the routine of reading, you can set yourself a goal of reading one book every week. The best times to read are in the morning and right before bed. Trust me it is a very calming process.

Travel Often

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Life is quite short to be just sitting in one place. Try to take more trips even if they are one-day trips. The world is filled with beautiful places and interesting experiences. You do not always have to travel International to be able to gain those experiences. Your local places have so many things that you are yet to explore. Just get out and get living.

Maintain a Journal

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Maintaining a journal is something very small and may be seen as insignificant. However, writing regularly into your journal is a very effective way of putting all your thoughts out onto a page. This also helps you understand yourself and your mind better. This is probably the best outlet you can get to know what is going on. Maintaining a journal and writing on it every day is an excellent way to maintain perfect mental health.

Stop Snoozing That Alarm

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We are all guilty of hitting the snooze button countless numbers of times every single morning. But, try setting a goal of waking up right when the alarm goes off. Within a few days, you will start noticing a positive improvement in your life and you will also notice that you have become much more alert in the mornings.

Get Some ME Time

We all need extremely busy lives where we are constantly surrounded by people. But one of your major life goals should be to always get some time for yourself. This basically means a private space where you are not obligated by work, kids, or anything else. Just do something for yourself. Take a spa day and spoil yourself. You can also simply take a walk, nap, or meditate to get some personal time.

Be More Focused on The Solutions

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We are just so focused on everything wrong happening in our lives. But instead of focusing on the problems, it will do you good if you learn how to focus on the solutions for your problems. Make this one of your life goals and it will definitely help you shift your mindset from the negatives into the positives.

Life Goals For Your Happiness

There is one thing all of us want and that is happiness. Feeling happy is something that makes you fulfilled and satisfied. If you have also always sought happiness, these life goals are definitely for you.

Help Others

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Helping and giving to others can give us maximum joy and happiness. It also gives you a purpose in life. The best way to give back to society is by giving our time and services to those who may benefit from them. Be selfless when you are acting for somebody because this is one of the most beautiful parts of our human life.


Human beings are social animals; this means that we really are all about human connections. If you are not able to hang out with your friends and families, this can lead to loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Socializing is the best way to feel connected to everybody around us and this can also lead to a massive improvement in your mood and mental health. Catch up with your friends, spend some quality time with your family, and you will definitely feel amazing.

Live Outside The Box

We get too used to following what we think is comfortable. It is quite common for us to avoid anything that may take us out of our comfort zone. However, if you want growth and development in different fields of your life, you need to live outside the box and try out things that scare you.

Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Like I said before, maintaining a journal is extremely important. Even more important is maintaining a journal where you can reward yourself with positive affirmations. Take 5 minutes every morning to write down your thoughts in your gratitude journal. This helps you to set your intentions for the entire day.

Take Care of Yourself

It is quite easy to take care of everybody around us and forget about ourselves in the process. This may seem to be quite selfless, but you may unknowingly be hurting everybody around you. If you want to help others and make them happy, you need to take care of your needs just like you take care of theirs.

Live For Your Passions

The biggest life goal you can set for yourself is to live your life passionately. Know what makes you feel alive and excited about life, and when you do find it, follow it passionately. If there is something that makes you feel happy about being alive that is definitely the thing you need to chase.

Be Happy

Yes, being happy definitely should be on your list of life goals. Learn to live carefree and with absolute satisfaction. The version of happiness may differ from one person to the other, but if you have discovered what brings you maximum joy, try to maintain that lifestyle. Also having positivity in your life can definitely help you to experience more happiness. Also try to lead a meaningful, authentic, and productive life.

Other Life Goals Examples For A Better Life (Health, Success, Relationships, and a Meaningful Life)

  • Get that beauty sleep
  • Keep exercising regularly
  • Eat your greens
  • Choose healthy fats
  • Break your bad habits
  • Learn new skills
  • Start a new business
  • Start networking
  • Be more productive
  • Do not hesitate to switch your career
  • Make sure you are maintaining a proper communication
  • Improve understanding with your partner
  • Make sure you are forgiving enough
  • Prioritize your relationship
  • Spend quality time with the ones you love
  • Date nights are important. Prioritize them.
  • Be kind
  • Bid adieu to bad relationships
  • Keep yourself surrounded with good people
  • Have deep and meaningful conversations
  • Keep your screen time-limited
  • Face your fears
  • Learn from your failure

What Are Life Goals?

Life goals are basically little targets that you want to achieve in your life. These targets could be as small or as huge. You should never measure your targets by how small or insignificant they are. 

Anything that you would like to achieve in your life is your life goal. These life goals are meaningful to you and they can help you create a massive impact on your life. You may want to create challenging goals or something very small and personal. It all depends on you and what you want.

Why is Setting and Following Life Goals Important?

It is very important to get small goals and climb the ladder slowly but with success. It is extremely important for us to set life goals because these can actually help shape up our future and create an impact. 

When you set a life goal, you make sure that you are working extra hard to accomplish them. This can give you happiness and satisfaction, which you may have been seeking. There are also other reasons as to why setting life goals are important:

  • They can help you focus more. 
  • You also learn to master skills. 
  • This can help remove your procrastination and make you more active. 
  • You also start thinking positively and working towards the achievement of your goals.

How to Set Your Life Goals?

Never try to copy others when you are setting your life goals. Whatever target you are trying to achieve should be personal to you and should impact your life. There is no need to set hundreds of goals; you can just have a handful of them and try to achieve them first. Here are some tips to help you easily set your life goals:

  • The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to achieve. You can set multiple goals for yourself. 
  • Make sure you are writing down your goals. By doing this, you will be motivated to remember and follow each one. 
  • You should also tell somebody about the goals you are planning to achieve because this will help you complete them. 
  • Map out the steps you need to follow to complete your life goals. This will make things easier for you. If your goals are very big and ambitious, break them down into smaller goals so that they become easily achievable.

How To Start Working On Your Life Goals?

It’s quite easy to start working on your life goals and to stay committed to them. The method that I choose is to first focus on the life goals that I like. This makes it easy for me to stay focused on them because I am just so interested in getting them done. 

You also need to stop yourself from getting overwhelmed so make sure that you are setting just a few life goals at first. Create an action plan which includes the steps that you will take in order to accomplish your goal. Keep a record of your progress and see how easily you are able to achieve every single one on your list.

Life Goals For A Better Tomorrow!

Life schools can help you create a vision and give meaning to your life. When you work hard to attain something, it gives you an immense amount of satisfaction and fulfillment. The feeling of successfully achieving something is also highly rewarding. This will help you create a positive outlook on life and you will be able to achieve whatever you want.

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