list of nail shapes

List of Nail Shapes | 8 Nail Shapes To Consider

Confused which nail shape to go for? Here’s the complete list of nail shapes and which one suits you best! Check it out!

Picking ‘The Nail Shape’ for you can be quite overwhelming. Imagine walking into a salon, and being bombarded with a list of nail shapes that you have seen, but did know had a name and purpose. Especially if you are going for something more understated, it can be quite tricky to figure out which one is the best for you – The square? The oval? The Squoval?

A concise list of nail shapes, for everyone who is looking to get into nail care, nail beauty, or even just self care is just what you need. Nails are an essential part of your style, whether it be french tips or darker hues or funky patterns.

Now, we might be quick to dismiss nails as just a small part of our look, afterall, they merely make up our fingertips. But we all know that nails have so much more potential, and we have all admired well maintained, fashionable nails.

In fact, mastering nail art is one of the toughest things to do, because it is such a delicate and tasteful skill, while also being extremely therapeutic and fun! So beginner or not, a quick look into the various shapes of nails and their potential, will open you up to a whole world of creative possibilities.

List of Nail Shapes

Round Nails

Round nails are the most basic, simple shapes, which are perfect for almost everyone. Extending just slightly past your nails, maintaining it is a piece of cake. The round nails are perfect for nail biters, believe it or not. In fact, this shape is a great way to have strong nails, even. They are less likely to tear or chip or break, hence making it healthier. And if you are someone who is athletic or into any kind of sports, this is your go-to low maintenance nail.

List of nails shapes

Looks wise, this shape is ideal for those with shorter fingers, as it makes your fingers look long. All you have to do is start filing the nail from one side, and slowly follow the natural shape of your nail until you have a nice curve. Classic French manicures look absolutely elegant in this shape, but you could even opt for darker nail colours like maroon, indigo or black. And if space permits, round nails look really cute with some fun doodle details on them.

Flare Nails

This particular shape might be a little off putting for most of you but.. Just hear us out. The flare nail, when done right, actually has a rustic early aught feel to it. Basically, the tip has to flare out as compared to the rest of your nail (and nail bed).

Commit to acrylic or tips, and you will see its magic! French tips with some glitter, indigo or even polka dots will do wonders for your outfit and your overall look.

The coffin nails however cannot be perfected at home given it’s tricky shape, so you have to get it formed, go to a salon or use flare tips. Oh, and make sure you do not go overboard with the flare. There is a thin line between gothic and witchy!

types of nail shapes

Oval Nails

This is basically an elongated round nail. If you have longer nails, or would like longer nails, you could opt for the oval shape as opposed to the round one. While the round shape is a cleaner look, the oval one gives a more feminine look.

And just like round nails, oval ones make your fingers look longer and slimmer. If you have wide nail beds, the oval shape lengthens it, leaving you with an elegant look.

This could be your go-to if your preferred nail length falls somewhere in between not-too-long and not-too-short. All you have to do is start filing from one edge, with a slightly diagonal angle to create an almond-like shape, round out the tip and you should be just fine.

Oval nails make for a brilliant canvas for nail art, so make sure you go all out and experiment. Be it a classic french manicure or some geometric patterns, oval nails are quite versatile.

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Square Nails

Yet another low effort, low maintenance nail shape if the round shape is not appealing enough, or if you feel like some change. The shape, of course, is self explanatory – straight on the sides, with a flat tip. The square shape looks best when your cuticles are not very rounded, as the square is more geometric that way.

The length of your nails in this shape matters quite a bit, and is considered to be one of the hardest nail shapes to pull off. Short square nails look very chic and modern, especially with a darker nail shade or a stark white for a crisp look. Nail paints with a fun acrylic finish gives you the quintessential 90s vibe. If your fingers are on the short or chubby side, consider growing out a bit to sport this nail shape, or else there is a chance your nails might look stumpy.

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Squoval Shape

A square and oval hybrid, yes. The Squoval shape has straight edges, and it ends with a square tip, but with rounded edges. The squoval shape is a modern and universally flattering shape, making it incredibly versatile. You could go for a flat, or square, top edge and slightly rounded corners, and you will still hit a home run.

Not only that, it is easy to file your nails into a squoval shape at home, which makes it even more appealing to the masses. A regular 240-grit nail file for shaping and a 400-grit file for finishing should do the trick.

The squoval nail is one of the more elegant shapes, as it is just the right length and breadth for a simple, yet sophisticated look. It is also low maintenance, and occasion friendly – whether it be a formal one, or a casual day.

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Stiletto Nails

A celebrity favourite (especially among pop stars) nail shape which is edgy, modern, gothic and daring all at the same time. Like heeled shoes or a pair of killer stilettos, this nail shape is long, and has a pointed tip. While it is not the most practical option, it is definitely the nail shape to go for, if you want to make a statement, and stand out in the crowd.

If you do not want to grow it out, you could always go for press-on options which are easily available. And because your nails are long here, you have a larger canvas to try out designs, shapes and patterns. You could go for plain colours of course, but there is an array of patterns and stencils to check out.

This shape is best for long nails, narrow nail beds, and well, non-athletic or sport-oriented days. Best way to get the ideal stiletto shape for your nail is to visit the parlour. Unlike the round, square or the oval, the stilettos require far more expertise and care. Or like we mentioned, you could pick up a DIY press-on kit and go about it your way!

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Coffin Nails or Ballerina Nails

And we have another celeb favourite! A more innovative version of the stiletto nails, of course. The coffin shape has angled sides and a squared-off tip to create the required shape. If you have long sturdy nails, and are unafraid to go for a bold, unconventional look, ask for this shape. ALso known as the ballerina, it has an extended, tapered shape with a flat edge.

This trendy look makes your fingers look slender, and somehow, not-so-clawy; giving it a whimsical, elegant finish. Fill it in with some acrylic or matte finish nail paint, or a subtle ombré to spice it up. Of course, you have the option of using patterns and stencils as well, as with stiletto nails.

Do keep in mind that this nail shape requires salon maintenance as well. Any particularly long nail shape for that matter, is best handled by experts. This ensures longevity, along with top notch results.

Lipstick Nails

Another funky take on the classic long nails longlist. This one has a niche fan base and for good reason, for it is still fresh.

The lipstick tip is long, has a straight across square shape, but the tip is angled to one side. The slant at the edge gives it the unique lipstick shape. This one, again, has to be done with acrylics, so be prepared for fairly high maintenance and upkeep. And much like the stilettos, be prepared to be cautious, when hanging out with others and especially near your eye.

The lipstick shape really stands out if you get the minimal french tip. This really shows off the geometrical genius (and simplicity), and is easy to pull off. If you’re feeling more experimental, you could maybe pick two colours, one for the base one for the tip. This would also bring out the lipstick shape very well. And you can always go for something even more bold, like a cartoony or pattern oriented manicure to really stand out.

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