15 Oval Nail Designs And Ideas Trending in 2022

We curated a list of oval nail designs and ideas for you. Check it out!

Oval shaped nails are perhaps the most common choice, as it is a good midground between simple round ones, and the high maintenance stiletto ones. To get an oval nail, you will have to grow your nail out a bit. And then start shaping it from the side, and give it a rounded edge. This creates an elegant oval shape.

Once done, you can now use it as your canvas to create fun and pretty nail art, depending on how you feel, what occasion it is, or even just to match your outfit. We have curated a list of the best oval nail designs and ideas out there which are unique and stylish. There is something for everyone and every vibe – goth, edgy, chic, shophiscated, minimal or even funky. So go ahead and have a look!

Oval nail designs and ideas

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Faux Stiletto Tips

There is no denying that some of us would love to have some stiletto nails, if not for those claw tips which are sharp, and let’s be honest, high maintenance as well. These faux stiletto nails are just the right fit for that very purpose. The faux stiletto nails create the illusion of long, pointy nails, while being very much oval and rounded. To create the look, you will need a base coat – maybe a white, cream, something pastel or even a transparent coat. Pick another understated colour and paint two diagonal lines, starting from each side, and both meeting at the centre of your tip. In this way, your base coat seemingly has a stiletto tip, and the remnants are painted in a different colour, creating a unique look.

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Gold Glitter Tips

Now, we are all about neutral nails – be it pastel or nude ones. But adding some glitter to the tips is a great way to spice things up, if you are looking at a particularly upbeat day and want to amp up your look a little. Add a coat of the glitter nail coat on your tips, such that they look like an effortless gradient, and you are good to go! Gold glitter tips look especially good over white nail paint; the evergreen white-gold pair is not popular for no reason, it looks elegant and chic like no other colour combination.

Ombre French Tips

The three-colour ombre is a lesser-known beauty that mixes three hues in a gradient that begins at the nail bed and ends at the tips. But the best part about this particular design is that it ends with a french tip, which means the edge is white. So the most popular colour scheme is green, purple, and ivory, but you can always play with the blues, teals, and greys to make it your own. The three-colour (or two-colour) ombre is adorable and subtle, and it’s a great choice for someone searching for a simple but distinctive daily look.

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Outlined Nails

This is a rare, yet surprisingly easy nail design to create. All you have to do is outline your oval nails – in gold! And do not be bummed out by its simplicity, because once you are done, you will see how much of a difference the mere outline makes. The outlined nails are an eye-catching, gorgeous manicure which is low maintenance and easy to pull off. It is versatile as well, and you should definitely try it out!

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Minimalist Harry Potter (or any other fandom for that matter)

Well, for Harry potter start by picking two colours that resonate with the series. A great combination is green and silver. Paint all of your nails but one in these two colours. You could use one as the base, and the other to add minute details l(like dots, dashes or two parallel lines). Now draw a little scar (in case of Harry Potter fandom) or little snitch on the fifth finger. This creates a funny look which is also chic and cute. For Heroes of Olympus, you can draw a little trident, or the weapon of your Greek god of your choice, and so on.

Oval nail designs and ideas

Leopard Silhouettes

The leopard or animal silhouette is more on the minimalist side. With a sophisticated negative space and some leopard prints on the tips, this look is modern and playful. Leopard silhouettes are a great way to wear animal prints everyday, it is an understated yet unique way.

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Terrazzo Nails

If you like to stay up on the trend game, you should totally keep terrazzo nails on the radar. All you have to do is pick up a few nail paints that are earthy colours – like browns, ochre, gren, maybe even some gold and silver, and black of course. Now draw some dots which are not perfectly round, draw them asymmetrical random shapes. This spotty design is perfect for oval nails as there is so much space to play with, and looks very pretty.

Coral Dots Design

Corals are very in right now, and for good reason. They are cute and refreshing, and look great on everyone! So we decided to bring in the coral game to nails as well. All you have to do is pick up coral and peach nail polishes, and draw one dot each on a nail. Make sure it does not look too orchestrated, you could go for a semi-circle or a gibbous that is spilling out. And then combine this with a la carte high-shine crystals for a negative-space to create a nail look one can’t take their eyes off.

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Marble Ovals

Marble designs look absolutely jaw dropping if done right. Create an intricate, translucent pattern with different shades of the same colour. Create shapes which are uninhibited and more flowy. Picking green as your colour is always a brilliant idea if you are going for marble ovals. Purple, again, is a brilliant colour. If you are feeling like you want your nails to stand out a bit more, blue and teal are just the right colours for you.

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Minimalist Designs

If minimalism is what you’re looking for, then indulging in easy patterns might just be the answer.

Accented dots are the most popular minimalist design. A couple of dots in the centre, top centre, bottom centre, across the middle, or in a ‘v’ configuration adds just the right bit of glam to your nails.

You could elevate this by making the rounds bigger, for a more retro polka dot effect. If you like classic monochromes like white or black, or a pastel range like pink or peach, or even just a transparent base coat, the dots will give your appearance a delicate yet distinct effect.

There is also the option of drawing thin lines. They can be vertical, horizontal, or slanted. You can always do the white nails with gold lines design which is extremely popular and elegant. The design, which has Greek-inspired colours, blends white, pastel pink, and gold in a stylish way. All you have to do is paint a couple of your nails fully white and then hand-draw some golden lines tol add a touch of glitz (ever so little). To finish the look, pair these nails with a beautiful satin dress or a silk blouse.

Pastel Multicolour

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If you want to go for an understated appearance that is great for everyday adventures, a multicolor palette of pastels is exactly what you need. Start off by picking three pastel colours. You could go for a teal – lavender – pink, a lavender – pink – cream, or a blue – yellow – orange. If you want to try something new, picking five different hues isn’t a bad idea either.

Yellow – blue – green – lighter yellow – lighter blue is a go-to combo because it establishes a balance between the overwhelming colours while also toning it down so it isn’t too vibrant.

Yin Yang Nails

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An absolutely delightful nail design is actually the yin yang, because of how beautiful it looks. Especially in the pink and white combination, the design adds a delicate balance to your outfit.

To create the design, all you have to do is draw the typical yin yang motif on your nail, such that half your nail is one colour, and the other in the different colour. Then proceed to draw one dot on each side with the alternate colour. To add further balance, maybe paint one nail out of five in a single colour.

Silver Foil Nail Art

Silver foil is as metallica and goth as it can get. WIth a charcoal grey base, or a matte black base, the silver foil look will look gorgeous and mystical, reminiscent of cloudy days and the night sky.

The Shade Card

A gradient of one colour is straight out of the trendy lookbook. First, pick your theme colour – might we suggest green, purple, blue or red. Now, pick a different shade of the selected colour for each nail. If you pick green, you could go for mint, parrot green, forest green, sage green (of course) and pastel green. And if you pick a different colour, follow the same train of gradient – something light, something pastel, something dark and something moderate; and you should be great to go!

Minimalist Stickers

Oval nail designs and ideas

Pick symbols and motifs that speak to you, and get them on your nails! Be it your sun sign, the yin yan, the eye, a crown, a flower or anything at all. Apply a nude base coat, and then embellish it with intricate stickers of your choice, that make for gorgeous nail art that nobody can say no to.