20 Cute Pink Nail Designs And Ideas

Looking for cute nail design ideas in pink? We curated a list of insanely stylish and cute pink nail designs and ideas. Check it out!

Don’t wait for the weekend to strike because you can pull off shiny pink nails on any day of the week. They capture the trending 90s aesthetic and can add sparkle to every outfit you carry. You can use them as a dash of colour pop to your monochrome outfit or compliment it with a look from the same colour family.

Pink is more versatile than you might think and these design will show you how:

Pink Nail Designs And Ideas

The Glitter Tip

Pink Nail Designs And Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Add a base coat of baby pink nail-paint with a gel finish. Leaving a little space from the tip, add a thin horizontal white stripe across the nail. Fill the gap from the tip to the stripe with rose gold or silver coloured glitter paint. It is perfect for a brunch look.

Malibu Mate

Source: Pinterest

This look will make your nails completely stand out in the crowd. Use a neon shade of pink that gives out a glossy finish. It is simple to apply, but goes perfectly with a summery beach look.

Donut Nails

Source: Pinterest

Dessert is always a good option, even when it comes to nails. Add a softer shade of pink as the base coat. Take a thin brush of beige coloured paint and make a thick circle shaped like a donut. Let it dry and add some brown paint around the inner portion of the circle for a shaded effect. Use white or cream coloured paint to make confetti over the donut and around the blank areas as well. Don’t forget to make an incomplete donut towards the edge for a realistic effect. Or you could just add some rainbow sprinkles if you want to keep it simple.

Back In time

Pairing a loud pink shade with a tinge of monochrome is basically putting together the 90s in a nutshell. To create this look, apply a darker shade of pink as the base coat. Then you have two options. First, you can paint the tip with black and white stripes. Secondly, you can get creative by making different shapes along the tip of one nail and bottom of another, and create an abstract effect with those black and white stripes. They will be perfect for a sleek boss-babe look.

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Posh Pearl

This is a minimalistic design perfect for day looks and even formal events. For this, apply white paint as your base. After it dries out, leave some space from the edges and make a miniature oval which is shaped exactly like your nail. Fill the shape with a softer shade of pink. Overall, it should give a visual of white borders around your pink nail.

Pro Geometry

Source: Pinterest

You should totally try out this design for an edgy look. It is simple to make, start with a matte based pink coat. Take some golden paint and draw a small geometrical figure on each nail. You can place it closer to the bottom half, aligning towards the centre. Start with a triangle in the first nail, and make a circle, square, rectangle, or diamond in the subsequent ones. Make sure you are precise in your approach because the shapes need to be sleek for it to look perfect.

Rainbow Spark

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the easiest designs to create. All you need are 3 to 4 different shades of pink. Based on their hues, start with the lightest shade of pink and move to the darker ones. Depending on the number of shades you have, you can repeat the cycle. Apply 2-3 coats for it to sustain and bring out the best look.

Warm Hearts

Source: Pinterest

These nails are here for the perfect Y2K vibes. Start with a baby pink shade as base. After it dries down, bring out your magenta and orange paint. Make a series of small hearts in a vertical line. Once you reach the bottom, leave some space and begin painting the next line. The colours will be used alternatively, i.e. one heart with orange followed by one with magenta. The end results will be completely aesthetic and it will draw much attention to your look. Or you could go simple and have pink hearts drawn on an orange base coat.


Source: Pinterest

Try this look for some dazzling party nails. Start with a bubblegum shade of pink as the base. Once it dries out, apply some transparent shimmery paint for the starry effect. It is completely hassle free and looks radiant.

Swirly Way

Source: Pinterest

To create this look, you will need a darker shade like hot pink and a lighter one like blush. Take the first one and paint a spacy wave in a vertical manner. Make sure you get creative with the thickness and curves of the wave. Use the other shade to make a similar wave adjacent to the first one. You can leave the other parts without colour. Add a glossy transparent coat for a smoother finish.

Soothing Sunset

Source: Pinterest

You have to get creative with this one. Put together the shades of yellow, orange and pink. Take a small piece of sponge, and apply one stroke of each shade onto it. Make sure, it is in the order of dark to light, depending on the shade you have. Once it’s ready, dip it in water and dab it onto your nails. Do not completely soak it, just make sure there is enough watch to get the colours mixed. The results will be astounding.

Spring Break

Source: Pinterest

This is a light and breezy look for summer or daytime outings. Add white paint as a base coat and let it dry. Apply three thin strips of tape in a diagonal manner, towards the direction of your choice. After it is secured, apply rose (or any softer pink) shade over the leftover areas. Do not worry if the paint crosses the line, the tapes are there to prevent spillage. Once it is dried, carefully remove the tapes and you will be left with three white strips.

Moody Marble

Source: Pinterest

This is an interesting design to take up for aesthetic nails. Start by applying your preferred shade of pink as the base and let it dry. Take a small cup of water. Use the brush to pour some pink paint over it. Subsequently put some white and purple paint, and make sure they are floating over the water surface. Use a toothpick to mix and spread the colours and create a marble like effect. Dip your nails into the solution one after the other. Apply a transparent top coat to secure the design and colour. The results will be satisfactory.

Dotted Daisy

Thoroughly apply baby pink polish and let it settle. Dip a toothpick in white paint and make a dotted boundary of your desired shape (try pyramid or fire). Once the basic structure is finalised, fill the area with more dotted lines. Maintain adequate distance within the dots to make sure the results are precise.

Floral Rush

Source: Pinterest

Pink is an essential colour from the floral palette and this list would be incomplete without it. Start with a strong base with white varnish paint. Use a thinner brush to draw some petals with a creamy shade of pink. Space out the flowers strategically so that it doesn’t look over the top. After it dries out, use yellow paint to make a small circle at the centre of every flower. You can paint some partially visible flowers towards the edges for a realistic effect.

Fishtail Effect

The showstopper of this design is a netted portion of loofah. Apply a hot pink shade as a base, and before it dries out, bring in the netted texture and carefully place it over the wet nail. Then apply some teal coloured paint over the net. Let it dry and then slowly pull the net out. You will be left with a fishtail texture at the end.

Strawberry Delight

Source: Pinterest

Start with a thick coat of strawberry shaded pink as the base. Take some green paint on a brush and paint the leafy part stretching till the borders of the cuticles. Make sure it does not take up too much of the strawberry space. Use yellow paint to make small polka-dot like circles over the pink portions. This design is cute and Instagram worthy.

Bling It On!

This design is hassle free and you can rock any party look with this one. Prepare a firm base with hot pink nails. Arrange some rhinestones and press it firmly over the painted nails. You can choose the positioning, but it looks best at the bottom alongside the cuticle area.

Valentine’s Special

This perfect combination of pink and red nails will be a blast for your Valentine’s date. Every nail will have a different design. Apply plain red paint on the first nail. In the next one, apply pink paint as a base coat, and paint two red horizontal lines right where the curve of your upper nail ends. For the third nail, go for a red base and paint little stars with you pink shade and make sure they are evenly spaced out. You would require both pink and red coloured glitter for the fourth nail. Apply a transparent coat of gel paint and sprinkle equal proportions of glitter while it’s still wet. Make sure the whole nail is covered properly. For the final nail, apply a plain layer of pink paint. You will get professional looking results with this one.

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