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Shellac Nail Designs and Ideas

The ultimate guide you needed but did not know. As good as Pinterest is, there are too many options out there and it gets quite overwhelming having to pick one out of the lot. So we did you a favour, and curated the most popular, trendy and versatile Shellac Nail Designs and Ideas that are out there. You can now try out each of these or just The One (if you are lucky to find it), but regardless, this list has a little bit of everything for everyone. So go on, get your paints out and get started!

Shellac Nail Designs and Ideas

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Red Shellac Nails

Red is a classic colour which stands out no matter what. If there is one thing that the twentieth century taught us,it is that red nails look great no matter what outfit, style or mood you are going for. Spice it up by adding some leopard patterns to the edges and you have a quintessential edgy look, or add some stripes to the edges for something more on the elegant side, or leave it as it is for a casual summer dress / summer picnic look.

Bright Yellow with French Tips Shellac Nails

Yes, bright yellow all over might be a little overboard for a casual look, but you cannot deny that it is one of the most trendy, refreshing colours of the 2020s. Plus, you can always have white or transparent french tips to complement the yellow to make it more understated.

Distorted White and Pink Shellac Nail Design

The distorted white and pink is nothing but a textured, fun twist to the evergreen ombre. A better gradient is to start with pink and transition to white at the edge, but you could do it the other way around too.

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Shiny Nude Nails

Nothing quite nude nails. Give it a glossy shiny finish, and now you have something which is less understated and more casual. You can go for shades ranging from peach to pastel green for Shiny Nude Nails. This one is easy to pull off, and best of all, low maintenance!

Three Coloured Ombre Nails

The three coloured ombre is an underrated beauty, which combines three shades is a gradient that starts at your nail bed and ends at the tips. While the most popular combination here is the green – purple – ivory one, you could always experiment with blues, teals and greys to give it your own twist. The three coloured ombre is extremely cute and subtle, and makes for a brilliant option for someone looking for an understated but unique daily look.

Tulip Shellac Nail Design

Shellac is not just about the drama, you could try out the more cuter, summer-y options they have as well. All you have to do for these is to play around with minimalist floral decals (we love tulips and daisies), and light coloured shellac on short nails. Black base with white daisies or yellow tulips can never go wrong, you could also try something on the pastel spectrum. Your florals could be white, and your base could be a lovely baby blue, fuschia or sage green.

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Multicolour Pastel Shellac Nails

A multicolour of pastels is exactly what you need if you want to go for an understated look which is perfect for quotidian adventures. Picking three colours would be the most ideal choice. When it comes to pastels – you could go for a lavender – pink – cream, or a teal – lavender – pink or a blue – yellow – orange. Of course, picking five different shades won’t be a bad idea at all if you are looking to experiment. A go to combination would be yellow – blue – green – lighter yellow – lighter blue; this creates a balance between the excessive colours but also toning it down so that it is not too outrageous. Another option would be to use five different shades of the same colour. So go ahead, see what suits your mood, your personal style, and have fun because there is no way you can go wrong with this one!

Ivory White Shellac Nails with Gold Stripes

This is hands down the most elegant shellac nail design, or any nail design there is. With hues reminiscent of the Greek, the design combines white, pastel pink and gold in the most chic manner. Paint a few of your nails completely in white, leave the ones with longer nail beds with half and half or ⅔ – ⅓ of white and pink. Glam this up (ever so slightly) with hand drawn golden strings on two or three fingers. You could draw them in pairs of two, in straight horizontals or slants; verticals are also feasible but they are usually a hit or miss. Wear a gorgeous satin dress or a silk shirt with these nails to complete the look.

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Palm Shellac Nail Idea

The absolute perfect look for springs, summers, beaches, vacations, and well, everything fun. First, you need to pick a base coat. The transparent coat looks just as good as white, cream, ivory or a light pastel pink. And then you get some hand drawn palm embellishments on top in green, each one can be slightly different than the other if you are feeling creative. This look is all about the tropical vibes!

Green Fusion Shellac Nails

Green is The Colour of 2022, and a gradient of green nails is straight out of the trendy lookbook. Pick A different shade of green for each nail, ranging from Mint Convertible, parrot green, forest green, sage green (of course), the Cape Gown, the Magical Topiary, Palm Deco, Aura and others. Green, much like an indigo or a black or a red, has now become a classic, which goes with almost all outfits, styles and occasions.

The Classic Shellac French Nails

French Manicure never goes out of style. Especially in white and nude, the former as the french tips and the latter on your nail bed, is a nail design you can never get wrong. The classic shellac french nails look best on nail shapes which are oval, stiletto, ballerina or coffin. If you want something wacky, the lipstick nail shape will look funky with the french tips which are usually more on the sophisticated side. And of course, nothing quite like getting your nails done by the professionals.

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Minimalist Shellac Nail Designs

If minimalism is what you seek, then that you shall receive (in ideas, of course).

The accented dots are the popular minimalist design, and for good reason. A few couple dots in the centre, top centre, bottom centre, across the middle, or in a ‘v’ formation glams up your nails just the right amount. So if you are someone who prefers to go for classic monochromes like white or black, or in the pastel spectrum of pink or peach, or even just a transparent base coat, the dots will add a delicate yet unique identity to your look.

There is also the option of drawing thin lines. Either vertical, horizontal or slant ones. If this is something that appeals to you, then the Ivory White Shellac Nails with Gold Stripes would be perfect for you.

Purple Fusion Shellac Nails

Much like the Green Fusion, the purple colour is yet another shade which is being used more and more in the fashion industry. Initially disregarded as a ‘tricky’ colour to pull, or something which is more on the ‘royal’ side, the Y2K and Lavender Daisy revolution has really changed the course of purple in the fashion world. To acquire the best purple fusion results, make sure you pick an equal number of vibrant, jarring, and understated shades of the colour. You could go for a violet – purple – magenta combination, and balance those out with a lavender and some pastel purple. If you still feel like the purple colour is a little too outrageous for you, you could tone it down with cream or white french tips. Don’t hesitate to experiment, to arrive at the look that you have in your head for yourself!

Royal Blue Shellac Nail Design

You need absolutely no nail embellishments to pull off these nails. The Royal Blue colour by itself is so evergreen, funky and elegant at the same time, that a plain coat of it on your nails is more than enough to stand out. Popularly known as the Yves Klein colour, this blue catches your eye (and attention) like no other, with its soothing, vibrant hue. You could even add a glitter topcoat to one of your nails for some extra pzazz and drama.

Attend a casual social gathering in these nails or to a formal event, or even a visit to the museum (maybe a date!), and you are good to go regardless.

Flowery Shellac Nail Tips

Nail tips, but make it flowery! What’s not to like about that?

Go for a toned down base coat of monochromes like ivory or black, or in the pastel spectrum of yellow or green, or even just a transparent base coat, and add drawn flowers or floral patterns to your edges. The hibiscus petal on a white base coat looks stunning, for it brings out the white and red combination in the most fashionably cute way. You could also go for sunflower tips on a black or indigo basecoat.

Basically, pick your favourite flower, pick a pastel shade of a colour that would go with it, and get nail-arting!