signs someone has a crush on you

12 Signs Someone Has A Crush On You!

Wondering if that person someone has a crush on you? Here are 12 clear signs someone has a crush on you! Check it out! 

Nowadays are your go-to wandering thoughts regarding how that one person thinks about you or mostly about the small gestures they are regularly doing for you? If yes, then someone must pay close attention BECAUSE one might genuinely have a crush on you! 

Having a crush is an exciting and thrilling feeling that keeps you on the edge of your seat.Whether it be a classmate, college from work or maybe your newly shifted neighbour from next door. 

That smile of his or that cute conversation can be real hints you might be missing.

signs a woman has a secret crush on you

Realising the genuine interest of him/her can be misunderstood with friendly gestures sometimes.There can sometimes be a blurry line between the two.

Reading different signals and understanding what is actually going through the other person’s mind is quite difficult, although the whole experience can be scary and stressful for one.

It definitely takes a lot of courage in opening up to someone regarding ur feelings, also putting someone at a certain spot may not attain us fruitful response. 

I am here to help you out with figuring out the tiniest signs or gestures that can help you know if that special person has a CRUSH ON YOU!

Signs Someone Has A Crush On You

Protective about you

One of first signs someone has a crush on you is that they’ll start acting protective around you!

Someone who is deeply into you will always be protective, it might make them walk on the sidelines of the road. 

Ensuring that you’re safe when you’re ready to go home late at night. This is called the Hero Instinct. Protection only comes toward people we tend to care about. Make sure you notice from your part.

Bring You Food

Another one of the common signs someone has a crush on you is that they’ll bring you food, chocolates or anything you love to munch on all the time!

The pleasure of sharing food with someone is a wonderful thing. There is nothing more enjoyable than when someone goes out of their way to show interest in you, whether it’s with gifts or catering to your tastes. 

As a matter of fact, when a guy was into me, he always made sure to keep the last piece for me and gave me a lot of pizza.

Eyes On You, Always

The next very common and one of the most obvious signs someone has a crush on you is that you’ll notice they’re looking at you all the time!

If they find it difficult to break eye contact while talking to you or just have their eyes on you even if just doing the everyday thing like picking up flowers. They cannot think of taking their eyes off you darling. 

signs someone has a crush on you at work

A person’s pupils tend to expand and look bigger when they look at someone they really like. Try looking at those eyes the next time you’re in a stare-down with that person.

Aspire To Be Near You

Another one of the common signs someone has a crush on you is that you’ll find them hovering around you all the time! Undoubtedly their body language definitely noticeably screams THEY LIKE YOU!  

They tend to angulate their body towards you to make sure you are aware of their interest. 

In order to detect a crush, you need to pay attention to body language. Occasionally, someone in a group conversation, If their knees are pointed in your direction under the table, then they are interested.

Shows You Off

The next one on this list of signs someone has a crush on you is you’ll notice them always complementing you in front of your friends. They always make sure everyone knows how cool you are. He/She keeps praising your talents or habits to others. 

A crush happens because someone is constructing a romantic mental image of you when they make their mind up. So when in situations you get a little extraaaaa appreciated you know it!

He Imitates You

Generally when a person is into you or likes you will consciously or subconsciously imitate or mirror the words you speak or the pattern of pronouncing few words would be just like you. The social glue for connecting people is mirroring. It’s an indication of liking. 

Verbal communication is similar to written communication, according to Forbes. There’s a good chance the guy/girl who is crushing on you will say or act in a certain way that’s just like you do.

Never Ending Conversations

You might realise that a few conversations can be stretchy and not so engaging with some people but that one person who is definitely into you makes sure to chit-chat for longer hours. 

If someone has an extensive crush on you, they might text you often, or find an excuse to call you. 

Looking Their Best When Out With You

There are some people who don’t look their best all the time. Start to look very polished and smooth, unless someone is crushing on you.

You may even catch them rearranging their outfits to remove wrinkles (you may even catch them rearranging their outfits to remove wrinkles!). A new hairstyle, makeup look, or skin regimen. Even starts using more perfume.


Acting around just how Jai treated Aditi in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane na”. Finding you funnier, most entertaining and giving you all their concentration. Taking care of the smallest priority relating to all your highs or lows. 

ways to know if someone has a crush on you scientifically

They possibly would give their best in making you smile. And all of a sudden your lamest jokes would be funniest to them. 

Asking Your Friends What They Think

You can reach out to your friends for help in noticing or hearing things you haven’t noticed or heard. 

You can also ask if he has ever given you any lustful glares or if he talks about you when you are not around. The honest truth should come from your friends.

Knowing if they are aware of any of his romantic interests. Do they know if he has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Did they ever notice him or her acting differently around you or does that person treat you as a friend or something else altogether. Sometimes what we miss to understand our friend catches that for us. Seek help from your close friends.

Initiates Hanging Out

While someone is totally into you they find all the chances to hangout with you no matter how far they live or even if they need to go to a different city with you. 

Sometimes, people are hiding their true feelings of wanting to see you all the time when they always ask to grab coffee, hang out, or watch movies with you.

Interested in Sharing Things First With You

The noticeable character of humans who share their thoughts with humans they care or think well of or generally with ones they admire. 

In addition, if you are constantly discussing funny or important topics with that person, they might have a crush on you behind your back. Every aspect of your crush’s life will revolve around you. Someone will come to you first when something happens.

clear signs someone has a crush on you

Do not worry we have a little extra helping aids for you, thanks us later:

You are more likely to like someone after they reveal more about themselves. Getting you to learn more about them may be part of their strategy to gain your attention. A touch from your crush is a strong signal they like you.

Whenever it isn’t possible to form formal relationships, consider being friends.

You should meet your potential crush once in a while. Understanding one another better will improve your relationships. For this, you might want to ask a friend for assistance, and it would be best if they weren’t playing the game so they could provide you with an answer.

Avoid being cruel to your crush when he or she is around you. If you are constantly looking at someone, the person won’t feel suspicious. Don’t flush easily and act normally if you do not want them to discover it.

No matter what, always believe in your instincts and look for the signs, do not overlook and get the wrong message but be smart and confident in shooting your shots folks. 

In this case, communication is extremely important, particularly if you want to skip looking at crush signals and know for sure then go for direct conversation with them.

Your assumptions may be incorrect even if they are. Finding out the truth is still better than continuing to feed yourself lies. Despite how painful rejection is, people have very different tastes and preferences, so it will go away with time. Occasionally, people just seem friendlier than others. 

People who a few moments ago weren’t attracted to us can also be converted into people who suddenly can’t get us out of their heads if we try to be the best we can be and bring our best character to the table.

The fact that someone you’ve smitten with does not like you back does not mean you need to end that relationship. Whatever your friendships are or are not, discovering your unique bonds is still possible! 

Eventually, we all find we have several people who have a crush on us, just because we are on the same wavelength. The moment you meet your ideal partner can never be predicted. Don’t be afraid of feeling the emotions you’re feeling.

Always remember when you love yourself and involve yourself in selfcare it automatically generates more people to like you. Keep giving that good vibe and enjoy gaining attention.