things to fo for stunning skin

18 Things To Do For Stunning Skin

Want glowing skin? Here are things to do for stunning skin. Check it out!

The one thing I absolutely hate about my skin is when it starts acting up. There are times when my skin feels like it really needs every single serum and skin care product that there is out there. It is during these times when I feel like I need to up my skincare game and focus on the things to do for stunning skin. 

Giving your skin a pampering session can really change your skin and make you look stunning, youthful, and glowing. If you are not yet sure where and how you should start, I have just the perfect tips for you. 

It takes a lot of work and commitment on your part to get that perfect skin. It is not only about investing in products that are expensive; there are several other rules you need to follow religiously. Are you ready to get healthy, glowing, and stunning skin? Continue reading!

Things To Do For Stunning Skin

Make cleansing a part of your routine

One of the most important steps in your beauty care regimen is cleansing your skin both in the morning and in the evening.

Makeup at Night is a Big NO

We love makeup, but there is a huge disadvantage when we go to sleep without removing the makeup. 

No matter how tired and exhausted you are, always take your makeup off. It can really make a huge difference on your skin and your pores. Sleeping with your makeup on can make your skin dull and give you clogged pores. It can also lead to acne. 

It is also quite important to know that our skin sheds dead skin cells every single day but with makeup on, they cling to the skin surface. This can lead to your fine lines getting accentuated and may also cause breakouts.

Stay Hydrated

Getting enough water in your body is extremely important to ensure that your skin glows from within. You should not just drink water when you are super thirsty or when you are exercising. 

You need to avoid dehydration at all costs, both for your skin and for your overall health. Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to stunning and radiant skin. The recommended daily amount of water that you need is eight 8 ounces glasses.

Antioxidant Serum is the Real Deal

An antioxidant serum is extremely important to maintain the youthful glow of your skin. As we know, our skin can be damaged by UV rays even when we are wearing sunscreen. 

To counterattack this, it is very important to layer serum containing antioxidants under your SPF. By doing this, your skin can repair any damages that happen to it. It also helps to prevent the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Try to use a serum that contains Vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid.

Say Yes To Face Cream and Sunscreen

You may think that you will be out in the sun only for 5 minutes and so you can easily avoid your sunscreen, but girl, you are wrong. 

Even five minutes of sun exposure every day can add up and seriously damage your skin. No matter what season it is or what weather condition it is, you need to wear your SPF every single day of the year. 

You can use a face cream with SPF 15 or higher. Do not forget your neck when you are applying your sunscreen because that area is also exposed to the sun.

A Clean Pillowcase Can Do Wonders

I cannot emphasize how important a clean pillowcase is for your skin. Your pillowcase is a hub for dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, saliva, and so much more. Imagine what sleeping on such a dirty pillowcase can do to your skin. 

Wash your pillowcase every 2 weeks to avoid substances that can clog your pores. You should also flip your pillow once a week to get the clean side.

Say No To Tanning Beds

Getting tanned is really cool but it harms your skin a lot. Going to a tanning bed even if for a few times can really have irreversible effects that include DNA damage to your skin cells. 

Using tanning beds can also increase your chances of getting a very deadly form of skin cancer known as Melanoma. Using tanning beds also increases the aging process of the skin by breaking down collagen. If you want stunning skin, say no to tanning beds.

Leave Those Zits Alone

The satisfaction of popping a pimple and looking at all that puss coming out is extremely high. However, as tempting as it may be, you need to stay away from those zits. 

The only exception to this is if you have a clear white head, in which case you can use your tissues to press it out. Picking on the pimples can make it inflamed or add dirt and bacteria to the area. 

If you are worried about the redness caused by these pimples, you can hold an ice cube on it at 20-second intervals. Do this for a few minutes and it will help bring down the inflammation. 

To treat the zits, apply a dot of salicylic acid spot treatment.

Include Workouts To Your Schedule

Sweating it out is a great way of making sure that your skin looks absolutely glowing and radiant. You can try getting into yoga or spin class to see those positive results on your skin. This also leads to other things such as an improvement in your mood and body.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a magical ingredient. This is one of the most abundant proteins that you find in your skin. However, the sad part about it is that skin decreases its production as we age. To make sure that we are replenishing our skin with the required amount of collagen, it is important to take collagen supplements.

Try To Use a Humidifier

The heat can zap out moisture from your skin. This can lead to dullness and your skin losing its glow. I would highly recommend that you use a humidifier to keep your skin moisturized at all times. It is a good idea to invest in a good humidifier that you can use at night to give your skin time to replenish the lost moisture.

Keep Junk Foods At Bay

I am not asking you to completely stop eating junk food. But, if most of the calories you are consuming are coming from junk, it is your skin that is going to pay the price for it. 

With an excess amount of junk food in your system, you will notice that your skin will begin to lose radiance and the fine lines will be more noticeable. Eating a lot of carbs and dairy can also lead to acne. 

You need to include a well-balanced diet that is full of non processed and nutritionally dense foods. Include a lot of greens and fresh fruits in your diet along with yogurt and lean protein.


You need to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to get rid of all those dead skin cells. Do not use a harsh scrub or cloth for this because it can actually tear your skin apart. 

You can use a chemical peel like glycolic acid or AHA. You can also use soft scrub or try out dermaplaning. This is extremely easy and can be done at home. You only need a special face razor that you glide in downward strokes on your face. By using an exfoliator, you make way for glowing skin.

Include Face Oils to Cleanse The Skin

One of the best ways to completely clean your skin is by including an oil cleanser every once in a while. Clean your face as you normally do and then spend about 10 to 15 minutes massaging your skin with oil. 

You can use any oil of your choice I would recommend you use extra virgin coconut oil. Massage your face in circular motions and when you are done, use a clean towel with warm water and remove the residue from your skin.

Shades On

Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV rays. But it also protects the skin around the eyes. As we know, the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and fragile and so they need the maximum protection that they can get. 

By wearing sunglasses you are protecting that area against fine lines and brown spots. Wearing sunglasses also prevent you from squinting in the sun, and so you will be far away from getting crow’s feet due to repetitive muscle movement.

Include Face Masks

I am a total supporter of face masks because they are an instant solution to dull and lifeless skin. Applying a face mask every week can provide your skin with all the nutrients that it is lacking. 

If you have dry skin, try to use masks that contain glycerine or hyaluronic acid. If you have oily skin, you can alternate between an exfoliating mask or a clay-based mask. For combination skin, you can try multi-masking and use whatever your skin needs.

Take Regular Steams

Steaming is one of the easiest ways to give your skin the pampering that it needs. Taking regular streams helps your pores to open up. This in turn helps your skin to absorb every product that you are using. By doing this you are ensuring that your serums, masks, and creams get absorbed better and work better on your skin. You need to incorporate steaming at least once a week into your at-home facial routine.

Do Not Compromise On Beauty Sleep

Make sure you stop looking at your gadgets at least one hour before you are about to go to sleep. You need to unblock and allow yourself to get a full rest. You need to make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep because beauty sleep is really not a myth. 

When you sleep, your skin regenerates faster and when you wake up after a proper night’s sleep, you will notice that your skin looks extremely radiant and supple. 

However, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will wake up with tired-looking skin.

Ready For That Stunning Skin?

I hope you loved these steps to get stunning skin. With these steps, I am pretty sure you will soon be looking at your radiant and glowing skin. However, if you still are not able to get the skin of your dreams after following all of these steps, do not hesitate from visiting your dermatologist because there could be other skin problems associated with dull and problematic skin.