What Do Men Find Attractive In Women? | 20 Things Men Find Attractive In Women

Want to know what do men find attractive in women so you can impress that guy you really like? Well, here’s a list of 20 things that men like about women. Check it out!

Wondering why men find women so different, are you amazed at how there are so many small habits, dressing or just the way you smile makes them go crazy about. There have been a lot of studies on this topic, and they have provided plenty of insight into what most men find attractive in women – regardless of their tastes. There are many unexpected things that draw men to women, sometimes even unintentionally sometimes they are not even aware it is happening.

While tastes and preferences vary from person to person, there are a few things in common that men and women find attractive in a high ratio, regardless of what they like and dislike. Let’s take a closer look at those details. It is my hope that this article will give you a better understanding of all of the points mentioned.

Things men find secretly attractive towards women
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What Do Men Find Attractive In Women?

Here are a few pointers that come into mind when talked about what men find attractive about women.

Balanced Sense Of Humour

The universal appeal of humor transcends the boundaries of communication. Most men consider humor to be one of the most attractive attributes in women. Study results have shown that men and women have different humor preferences. Men are always intrigued by high senses of humor.

The Goofy Nature

Taking risks, thinking out-of-the-box, and acting in an unconventional way are traits men admire. It portrays that the particular woman is confident and is happy with herself. Perhaps it communicates that a person doesn’t waste time caring what others think about her or as it displays the woman has guts, is full of joy and fun-loving.

Kind to kids

Women are always considered very adorable when they are young and affectionate. The maternal instincts of a woman are lovely and admirable, even if a man isn’t ready, the visuals do give them a little joy and makes the women look a lot more attractive and valuable to him.

Risk taking Attitude

Women who show behavioural activities where they are usually taking more risks eventually attract men. In most series we find alpha women being very gorgeous and attractive to the shy guys, basically it looks in real life too. Never hid that side of yours. It may involve adventure activities like rock climbing, camping, or even stealing ice- cream at midnight. Avoid doing the last one though.

Similar Music Taste

Music taste is a soulful way that makes a person seem very unique in their own way and sometimes men want to know about the music women prefer because it symbolizes your individuality. Music speaks a language way stronger than anything in this world.

Makes the First Move

It was found through research that men find it selectieve it appealing when women tend to make the first move. Does not relate to only dates but flirting or taking up responsibility and taking up charges give that chance of making moves.

Shiny, long Hair

Hair is undoubtedly one of the physical things that make women attractive to men. Men might notice a woman by her hair first, it definitely makes them look prettier and sexier.

What men find attractive towards women
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Always Self Sufficient

Women who are not dependent on men for their personal work are found attractive. Unless you are needy, they will probably turn you away when you ask for assistance. When girls or women act too needy it usually makes them kind of less attractive.

The One who Wears Red

It has been found in studies that men no matter the country, race or living style, most men are attracted by the colour red on a woman. In some animals, reddened skin before ovulation serves as a method of attracting females to them, so red is the color that has the strongest amorous appeal.

What are qualities men like in women
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Being Friends with his friends

Men tend to get in between maintaining friends and their relationship. They respect the fact that you put effort into being friends with his group, might be from his business school or friends from work.

Gestures of PDA

Surprisingly men want women to showcase little gestures like whisper or hold their hands. The subtlest signs of caring are more effective than grand gestures done in one day. Remember everyday counts and small acts of love matter the most.

Laugh at their Jokes

Men always are willing to look for someone who appreciates their capacity of making the woman laugh, well can t be said it is a ego booster and men generally find this quality of finding him funny very desirable. So ladies next time listen to him and admire the effort and laugh at his jokes because deep down he wants to make you smile all day and everyday.

Never out of Style

A sense of fashion is not always important in the beginning , while in this situation when one is still in the dating episode, it is critical to have a sense of style. In spite of the fact that they may not notice it often, well-dressed females often attract many eyes.

What men look for in women
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Career oriented Mindset

It isn’t always the. Physical attributes that pull men towards any woman, the mind and personality are major factors too. Females who are career driven give the vibe of being self-sufficient and also makes them sexier and bold. Men than know that worth is not about money.

Not Wearing too much Makeup

Definitely a personal choice of women has been on wearing makeup, but men whenever asked are likely to find natural beauty of women the best. They want to see your real side and not be catfished rather embrace the beautiful features god has given you and flaunt them to the world making you appear different than the rest.

High Pitched voices

Higher voice pitches are generally perceived as coming from people who are physically smaller in terms of size and are mostly loved by men. Women, however, tend to choose male partners who are big in size, signaled by a low voice, as evolutionarily speaking.

Intelligence matter

Beauty without a brain is the most disliked thing we have ever come across. People don’t like women who don’t know how to use their brains. It is likely that a guy wishing to spend his life with a person who will is an intelligent and sensible human. To respond with wisdom and maturity to any situation in life.

Gives Credit

Men like when women give credits for the work someone else has done, it shows the quality of being the person who accepts when another person portrays or excels in providing a good idea or hack. Stealing away credit is really shallow and looked down upon from both genders.

Someone who loves to read

Women with reading habits are found to be mysterious and interesting to men. The broader prospects make men realise that are valuable and important things she likes to enjoy for her benefit of mind and soul. Reading is mostly found attractive and is genuinely a good activity to develop in today’s social media life.

What men like about women
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Involvement in Deep Conversations

Conversations are an important part of answering what men find attractive in women. There is no competition between dinner-table chats and pillow talks. All things sexy are related to intellectualism. When women engage in telling or listening to deep conversation with their partner it makes them attractive 10 times more because of the effort and weightage to put into the whole process of exchanging thoughts and day to day events.

Getting a pet

The average woman invests more time and effort into child rearing, while men consider mate-finding to be more important. The way females treat their dogs and cats is a reflection of how their men treat them. In the reverse scenario, men who take advantage of their pets to make a romantic connection should be perceived as generous, as owning and raising a pet takes patience to keep it through bad and good days.

What are personalities men want in women
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In the end all that matters to genuine men is someone who makes them entirely happy, so all the brilliant ladies out there, it is and never will be absolutely about the looks or the clothes or the smell of your perfume you might be wearing rather all that deeply goes into notice is the personality that brings kindness to the world.

The fact that your vibe and persona effects in bringing him and his surrounding joy is what wins the whole ticket. One of the most attractive positions for a woman’s head is one that allows her to look in multiple directions at once rather than how smart she seems or just how perplexing she seems.

Also a very fair point to always remember is that people perceive faces with natural makeup to be more credible rather than those with more dramatic makeup, keep it simple beautifuls out there because less is the new more but always listen to your will.

Do what makes you happy eventually only that is the mantra in living a happy life and finding someone to begin a fruitful and prosperous journey along.